Why visit Santa Clara this winter

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Thousands of tourists visit Santa Clara and its numerous attractions each year. Santa Clara has it all, from fun family attractions and interactive, educational museums to historic sites, a college campus, and the world’s most high-tech stadium. During the summer, spend the day at California’s Great America riding roller coasters, watching unique shows, meeting PEANUTS characters, or even floating down a lazy river. Whether you’re in Santa Clara for business or pleasure, or with friends or family, there’s plenty to do. JetBlue book a flights and visits the official site .

Winchester Mystery House

It is the former estate of Sarah Winchester, the widow of the heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. After her husband died, Winchester inherited a $20 million fortune and earned $100 per day. Winchester used her endless wealth to build her dream home, which has 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, two ballrooms, 47 fireplaces, two basements, and three elevators. The house took 38 years to build and was still unfinished when Winchester died. Winchester allowed her belief in ghosts to guide the bizarre construction, which includes doors and stairs that lead nowhere, windows that overlook other rooms, and other features.

Parque Vidal

Parque Vidal is not only located in the heart of the city. It’s also the focal point for everything else. There is no better place to start than in the heart of the city. This town square, which is both traditional and spacious and crowded, has a lively atmosphere, which is especially noticeable in the evenings. The streets quickly fill up with people of all ages, including workers, shoppers, travellers, and local musicians, and are interestingly littered with a mix of colonial and neo-colonial buildings and structures. One block up from Parque Vidal is Calle Independencia, a shopping street with many shops for local residents in local Cuban Pesos, providing an interesting insight into the prices. jet blue airlines tickets visit the official site .

Santa Clara Mission

Santa Clara Mission is the eighth of California’s 21 missions. The Spanish mission, established in 1777. The current mission, which is based on the campus of Santa Clara University, It was built in 1922 and houses a bell as well as a few statues from the mission that was destroyed by fire. Due to floods, earthquakes, and fires, it has been rebuilt several times.

Rosicrucian Museum

Visit the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose for 15 minutes. It is the only museum in the United States dedicated solely to Egyptian culture. It is home to the world’s largest collection of Egyptian artefacts. Various exhibits depict daily life in Egypt, burial practises, and, of course, the royal Pharaohs’ lives. The architecture is also influenced by Egyptian design. Many of the artefacts were given to the museum by Egyptian burial grounds.

Toma del Blindado Tren Monumento

During the Battle of Santa Clara, a train carrying government troops and armaments to the beleaguered forces in the country’s east was derailed here by a small band of rebels. This crash’s relics are commemorated here. You can even enter the carriages. It was a turning point in the battle and the rebels’ eventual victory.

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