Why Dental Insurance Is Worth It if You Have a Dental Plan


Dental insurance is a wise purchase even if you have dental coverage with an employer or are self-employed. It’s also worth considering if your spouse has dental coverage through their employer but you don’t. This would allow both of you to take advantage of the savings on preventive care, such as cleanings and exams. Another scenario that can be helpful is when one spouse has no dental coverage while the other does. In that case, some spouses choose to pay for their dental plan because they want better protection against pricey dental work later. Here are several reasons dental insurance can be beneficial even if you have dental coverage:

You Get the Dental Care You Need

Dental insurance typically covers preventive dental care. You can often save on fillings, crowns, or other restorations needed to restore teeth to health. In some dental insurance plans, you also get a portion of the dental work cost back after a certain number of visits or cleanings.

This dental coverage helps keep your smile healthy and strong. Preventive dental care is critical because it can save you from more costly procedures that specific dental plans might not cover.

You Don’t Have to Pay Out of Pocket

Dental insurance is worth it if you have a dental plan because it can help offset costs for dental care. Some dental plans require you to pay an annual deductible before the plan pays its share for needed dental work. However, dental insurance typically only requires you to pay a portion of dental care costs while your dental plan covers the rest.

You Can Save Even More on Dental Care

Dental plans that offer discounts are worth it if you have dental coverage through an employer or your spouse’s job. Ask about dental discount programs offered through some dental plans. In the dental industry, companies offer dental coverage with dental discount programs to help people save on dental costs even more. Some dental plans can pay up to 80 percent of dental care costs. So dental insurance is worth it even if you have dental coverage through an employer or your spouse’s job.

If You or Your Spouse Lose a Job

Dental insurance can make dental care more affordable for you if you lose your job and dental coverage. Dental insurance is flexible, which means you can purchase it on your own as an individual dental plan instead of having to go through a dental provider. This flexibility also makes it easier to keep up with dental care even if you don’t have dental coverage through your job. If you are struggling financially, dental insurance can be a lifesaver.

Dental Insurance Covers Dental Emergencies

Having dental insurance through your dental clinic that covers dental emergencies is another excellent benefit. With dental insurance, even if dental coverage through your employer is limited, you won’t feel the financial strain of paying for dental care in an emergency.

Typically, only purchased dental plans will pay for dental emergencies. Other dental plans usually do not offer this benefit unless your insurance includes dental coverage through your preferred dental clinic. But dental plans that provide dental emergency benefits are worth it even if you have dental coverage.

Dental Insurance Provides Discounts on Services

Dental insurance can be an excellent option for dental care because many dental plans offer dental discounts. Dental discounts vary from dental plan to dental plan, but they can cut dental costs by a significant percentage.

Many dental plans that provide discounts have a dental discount program available where customers can save on dental services such as teeth whitening, braces, and other procedures. Customers also receive dental plan benefits of having dental costs covered at a higher percentage than most dental plans.

Dental insurance can provide dental care savings for some dental clinic procedures. But keep in mind that some dental plans might not cover major procedures. This still leaves dental work like dental implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns uncovered by dental insurance. The majority of dental plans also frequently do not cover cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or veneers.

Dental Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Having dental insurance provides peace of mind when seeking dental care. Patients know that their plans cover the dental care they need and that their dental costs will be manageable. Plus, patients who understand their insurance already paid for their dentist visits enjoy higher levels of dental care.

Dental insurance is a great way to make dental care more affordable. It can also help bridge the gap between dental coverage you have through your employer or spouse’s job. You also benefit from dental discounts on dental procedures that are not typically covered by dental plans. When seeking dental care, you get peace of mind because you know your insurance has your back for the dental care you need.

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