Why Choose Sexy Tankini

Tankinis are one of the most famous bikini tops. This model came into the market in the early 1990s and has been an integral part of swimwear collections ever since. Nowadays you can find so many tankinis in different colors and styles. The sexy tankini has been the ultimate favorite for many fashion lovers for many years.

What is a tankini?

A tankini is a combination of a bikini and a tank top and also consists of two parts. This is where the name comes from. A tankini consists of a long top and bikini bottoms and is the perfect piece for women who want to cover their upper body or hide their stomachs.

Advantages of a Sexy Tankini

Conceal your stomach 

Since the top is a little longer and lies loosely over your stomach, you have the option of hiding your stomach. But even if you don’t want to hide your stomach, you cut a good figure in a tankini. Many pregnant women like to wear tankinis, especially if their little miracle is to remain a secret.

Waist shape

Since tankinis are close to your body, they shape your waist and make you look slimmer. A tankini in dark colors is a good choice.

Sunbathing as you wish 

If you want to protect your stomach from harmful sun rays, then simply wear your sexy tankini as usual. If you’re going to get a little tan, just slide the top-up.

Always look stylish

When you go from the beach to the beach bar, you simply wrap a pareo around your hips, sunglasses and your look is complete. You can go straight from the beach to the party.

What models are there?

Bathing suits and tighter variants in the form of bikinis have always been a perennial favorite for swimwear. So too, in recent years, sexy tankini became a definite trend. Whether in the outdoor pool or on the beach, more and more women of all ages can be seen with a modern tankini mix between bikini and swimwear.

A few years ago, it was still a matter of wearing a bikini that reveals a lot of skin or the classic swimsuit as a bathing outfit. However, there is now a much wider choice for women because in addition to these typical bathing looks, the tankini, in particular, has become fashionable.

The pants on the tankini are no different from those on a bikini. The top is always sleeveless but covers significantly more skin. The name is derived from the popular tank top.

The sexy tankini fashion is characterized every year by various designs because everything from subtle to colorful and eye-catching, from romantically playful to sporty or emphatically sexy, is included in summer. In addition, there are popular floral prints that look feminine and emphasize the femininity of the wearer. Be it huge flower prints or playful flower patterns and tendrils, whatever you like is allowed.

In terms of design, retro looks in the 1960s and models decorated with chic and eye-catching details are also popular.

Here are some examples:




Gold and silver-colored applications for use

Various trends can also be identified concerning the cut because tankinis in the bandeau or neck holder style are particularly noticeable in this regard. So, if you opt for a strapless version or a model tied at the neck, you are guaranteed to be trendy in summer.

Underwire Tankini

With an underwire sexy tankini, you provide a lot of support on the chest. This model can also be worn during water sports, for example. It also cuts a fine figure as a top under an open blouse.

Bügelloser Tankini

Tankini without a strap is particularly suitable for medium-sized and small breasts. They are very comfortable and come in different carrier variants.

Strapless Tankini

The different tankini models include the classic variants, in which the top is cut in the form of a spaghetti top with two narrow straps, and first of all, the strapless tankini variants. These are characterized by a bandeau top that completely dispenses with straps.

The necessary hold results from the tight fit on the upper body and silicone strip mostly integrated into the inner lining of the tankini top, which are usually placed below the chest level and stick to the skin. This means that even the strapless sexy tankini models cannot slip.


In addition, there are also tankini models in the push-up form, which rely on the “pushing” effect of insoles, similar to a push-up bra or bikini. This additional padding in the top ensures that the chest area is visually lifted and appears fuller and enables the wearer to pretend to be one more cup size.

Triangle Tankini

The different sexy tankini models also include the triangle tankini. The characteristic of this design variant is the straps of the top that converge behind the neck. In contrast to the classic tankini, these do not run parallel to each other over the shoulder. Instead, the two straps are tied in the neck, which creates an appealing emphasis on the female back.


The particular models include oversize tankinis. You can often find such variants in the field of maternity wear.

They fall loosely over the upper body and usually have a reinforced bodice. Alternatively, soft cups can be incorporated.

Tankinis Are Perfect for Concealing Problem Areas on The Stomach

Because of the long tankini tops, they are particularly suitable for women who do not want to ultimately reveal their stomachs but prefer to play around with them. If you don’t want to wear a swimsuit, a sexy tankini is the optimal mix of both variants.

Although it almost completely covers the stomach, it also lets some skin flash out and is simply more fashionable compared to a swimsuit. In addition, with the help of the long-cut tankini top, problem areas on the stomach can be super concealed, and small, excess fat deposits are well covered.

Therefore, tankinis are ideal for women who are not blessed with a flat stomach and a perfect waist. The unique cut of the sexy tankini is also always a special eye-catcher that quickly distracts the eye from problem areas.

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