8 Common Myths About White Boxes That You Should Never Believe

White cardboard boxes

White boxes are pretty popular and pretty high in demand as well. This popularity brings many misconceptions speculating about them in the market. Some of them are true but not entirely, while others are not even close to reality. Everyone needs to avoid these myths to get various benefits associated with these packages. Here is a list of eight common myths about them everyone should ignore.

Not Customizable:

It is a common misconception about the White packages that they are not customizable. It is a popular myth because most of them come in brown color without any artwork. However, businesses can easily customize custom White boxes as per their requirements. Their color scheme is customizable due to the modern printing technologies available to print them.

Companies can also use different types of illustrations and artworks on white cardboard boxes depending upon their requirements. Using images on these packages is also possible. Due to this thing, they are highly customizable. So, it depends upon a business to choose specific designs according to its products.

Compromised Safety:

It is a popular myth among many people that believe custom printed White boxes are not safe. Generally, these packages are manufactured with thin sheets. These thing sheets make people think that they cannot protect the products properly. Some brands also use an improper lid that contributes to this perception. These things help us understand why people consider that they don’t have proper safety features.

But it is not the complete truth. Companies can manufacture these packages with a sturdy White sheet with increased thickness. Businesses can also make completely sealed lids. Some brands use a double encasement structure to make them more effective for the safety of the products. These things show why you should avoid believing in this myth.

Don’t Last Long:

A general misconception about White eco friendly boxes is that they don’t last long. It is connected with the density of these packages as well. People also believe that these boxes are a bit flexible and cannot endure high pressure. They also perceive these package as biodegradable and believe that they can decompose in a pretty short time.

However, these packages can last very long if they have god thickness. Their density and structure are what decide their durability. They don’t decompose immediately as their decomposition takes time. It means they are durable in many ways.

Cannot Carry Multiple Products:

Packaging multiple products inside cheap White boxes is not possible is a common myth about this packaging. Its conventional shapes and styles make them think that these packages cannot carry the burden of multiple items. It is not true as businesses can easily customize them to package multiple items inside.

The best thing in this matter is the availability of inserts of retail packaging. They can place holders and dividers to keep every item separate inside a single box. These things show how easily these packages can contain multiple items without any problem.

Price Is High:

Many people who buy White boxes online from e-commerce websites consider them very high in price. Their price might be high on specific platforms. If you buy them from dedicated businesses online or near your location, you will get them at a lower price. Brands mostly use recyclable materials to manufacture them. These materials are economical in price. Some brands provide budget-friendly customization options for these boxes as well. Their cost per unit decreases businesses buy them in bulk.

Come In Cubical Shape Only:

People mostly think that White packages only come in cubical shapes. It is true in some cases. But businesses have the opportunity to personalize their shape as per their requirements. Brands can choose from already available shapes. It is possible to design a unique shape for this packaging. The flexibility of the materials and availability of die-cut technology help in making unique shapes.

Unappealing Design:

Design of White boxes USA is considered outdated by many people. They believe this packaging only comes in one foldable lid style. It is just a myth that you should not believe. These business packages can come in a variety of styles depending upon the requirements of brands. The sleeve packaging style is popular for these packages. Some brands also make them in telescope packaging style. Many other innovative styles are available to choose from.

Not Stackable:

Brands that need boxes for shipping their products think that this packaging is not stackable. The main reason behind this is its lightweight. However, many companies use this packaging without any problem during shipping. It is stackable due to its impressive strength when businesses make it in a double encasement structure. The rectangular shape is the safest for stacking purposes during shipping.

Due to the growing popularity of White boxes, people often have some misconceptions about them as well. These myths can prevent you from getting various benefits from this packaging. These myths were some of the most common that you should avoid believing.

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