Which Strongest Coffee You Should Drink Today

How Do We Define Strong Coffee?

To different people, the word “strong coffee” might mean a variety of things. Let’s take the time to define what is meant by “strong coffee” before we begin. In the United States, people often use the word strong to describe a low water-to-coffee ratio, which is certainly an appropriate use of the word, but in this article, we won’t use it that way.

We mean the strongest coffee, UK when we say that it contains a lot of caffeine. As we are seeking the strongest coffee, we don’t need to think about the ratio of water to coffee, since the coffee drinker determines that at brew time.

Caffeine Per Oz: Strongest Coffee

Caffeine per ounce is the most practical measure of how strong coffee is. If we want to make a meaningful comparison, we have to look at caffeine per ounce of coffee if we want to drink a larger cup. We would be foolish to conclude that the strongest coffee simply means a bigger cup.

When we consider caffeine per ounce, espresso is the clear winner. Compared to other brewing methods, espresso coffee has much more caffeine per ounce because of the very fine grind and high pressures used to brew it.

Very Strong Coffee

Its name says it all: Very Strong Coffee is 100% Robusta coffee beans, which naturally have higher caffeine content. It is made in the UK. According to Caffeine Informer, caffeine levels are “dangerous,” so if you decide to try it, make sure you have a tolerance for caffeine. Drinkers are urged to “enjoy responsibly” as the website describes its flavor as rich and intense.

A Coffee With High Voltage

The High-Voltage Coffee company is based in Australia and sells coffee that is so strong that it will shock you. It uses sustainably grown beans that are dark roasted to perfection. The company’s website states that it has been lab-tested to ensure that it contains an adequate amount of caffeine. A caffeine addict or coffee snob, regardless of their taste preferences, will enjoy this coffee due to its smoothness, full-bodied, and rich flavor.

Devil Mountain Coffee Black Label

Coffee by Devil Mountain is capable of producing the highest level of caffeine in the world. The amount of caffeine contained in this coffee is quite high, which is why it is not recommended for the faint of heart. 

Besides being USDA-certified organic, it is non-GMO, fair trade, and non-GMO. With the most caffeine among all the coffees on this list, Black Label promises to give you even energy levels without having you feel jittery. 

The manufacturer of this beverage claims that despite the shocking levels of caffeine, it is still drinkable, smooth, and bitter-free.

Biohazard Coffee

This dark-roasted, organic Robusta coffee has a fear-inducing name and logo, and is also loaded with caffeine. A five-pound bag and a one-pound bag of pre-ground cinnamon are available for sale. According to reviews, this drink has a mildly bitter but still delightful flavor, with notes of popcorn, nuts, chocolate, and tobacco.

Whether you’re studying late for an exam or to replenish your energy levels after a mid-afternoon slump, Biohazard has what it takes to keep you going.

Red Goat Coffee

You can get six times as much caffeine from Red Goat Coffee as you would in a normal cup. Reviewers agree that its coffee is smooth, not bitter, as promised on the website. Pods are compatible with Nespresso and Keurig machines and are available in whole beans or ground.

Banned Coffee

Banned Coffee is described on its website as “the world’s most delicious and strongest coffee,” boasting an amount of caffeine over three times that of popular energy drinks. The medium to dark roast is smooth and rich, with notes of chocolate and berries. In order to ensure the highest level of caffeine levels and taste, Banished promises no over-roasting of its beans.

Perk Up High Caffeine Coffee

This medium roast coffee has high caffeine content without sacrificing flavor. The organic and fair trade certifications guarantee the quality of the coffee. Websites claim these beans are flash-roasted with a natural extract added to boost caffeine levels. According to the website, 12 ounces of drip coffee will have 262 milligrams of caffeine, while other methods of brewing coffee can be as high as 408.


Give one of these coffees a try if your morning coffee isn’t cutting it, or maybe you’re having to drink it multiple times per day due to the energy-enhancing effects of wearing off too fast. The 10 coffees above have been ranked as the 10 most caffeine-packed coffees in the world. Even experienced coffee drinkers and self-declared caffeine addicts may want to proceed with caution. Thank you for exploring the strongest coffee beans available.

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