When Should You See a foot specialists?

Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. They play a huge role in balance and locomotion. Unfortunately, they are one of the most neglected and abused parts of our bodies. We rub our toes, squeeze them into uncomfortable shoes or stand and walk on them for hours. Pain, ringworm, or ingrown toenails are not unusual, but many people don’t know when it’s time to visit Chattanooga Podiatry.

If you don’t already know, a podiatrist is a Chattanooga foot specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions related to the ankle and feet. They can become certified specialists through training, experience, and passing an exam.

You should make an appointment with a podiatrist if you are experiencing any of these 5 conditions.

1. bunions

These are thickened bumps that usually appear at the base of the big toe and can cause pain and swelling. Bursitis can be caused by one of several factors, including the way you walk, the type of shoes you wear, the way you grow, or even a neuromuscular disorder.

heel pain

There are many different causes of heel pain for which you should see your doctor. It is often plantar fasciitis or inflammation of the soft tissues of the heel and the surrounding area. In children, it is often not plantar fasciitis, but osteochondritis dissecans, which occurs when a piece of cartilage separates from the end of the bone.

Corns and calluses

These areas of rough skin can be very painful if too many of them accumulate. You will need a professional to ensure that the procedure is done correctly and cleanly so that you can carefully remove the rough skin and follow up to prevent a second build-up.


Whether it’s fungus under your toenails or in the form of ringworm, you should seek help from a foot fungus treatment specialist. Mycosis between the toes, closely related to itchy buttocks and ringworm, can cause itching, burning and stinging. Toenail fungus can cause thickening of the nails, discoloration, and crumbling. Both of these conditions are treatable with prescriptions, but if left untreated, they can easily spread to other areas of the body or to other people.

Feeling of numbness

Swelling or tingling. You should be aware of these symptoms, especially if they occur only on the right or left side of the body. Causes can range from a broken bone, infection to lymphedema, which is an accumulation of lymph fluid. It can even be Morton’s neuroma, which is a thickening of nerve tissue. In addition to numbness, Morton’s neuroma can cause burning and tingling. Such nerve thickening has been linked to high-heeled shoes.

As with any other medical problem, your doctor can help you get a proper diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring to prevent a recurrence. If you have problems from the ankle down, you should seek further help from a Chattanooga foot specialist. Podiatrists are specially trained and can help you with any of the conditions listed above, as well as many others.

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