What Occurred When I Bought From the Blue Lizard Website

What Occurred When I Bought From the Blue Lizard Website

I’d been using chemical sunscreens for pretty much my whole life when all of a sudden, I started getting hormone-related breakouts. I thought I’d left spots behind in my teenage years, but here they were again and I wasn’t going to let them stop enjoying the good weather we were having. However, my chemical sunscreen seemed to be making the problem worse, so after a chat with a friend, I was advised to try  the Blue Lizard website as directed.


I was completely oblivious to the fact that mineral sunscreen even existed, but I was willing to try something new if it was gentler on my skin. So, I ordered some and a few days later, it appeared through my letterbox.


Much Thicker Than I was Expecting


I was glad that I looked at some videos online about application of my new Blue Lizard website sunscreen, as mineral-based products go on very differently. They’re much thicker than I expected they’d be, which meant that applying it required a bit more patience – not one of my strong points!


After applying it, I noticed that the white smears that were there to begin with soon disappeared – contrary to what I’d read about unsightly white casts created by these kinds of products. 


I spent 4 hours at the beach when I tried it for the first time – meaning that I applied two coats – and despite it being really hot that day, I got home and saw that I’d gotten great protection. I had none of those telltale sore spots that I usually associated with spending time in the sun.


So, What About the Breakouts?

One of the things that led me to buy from the Blue Lizard website was that a lot of their products are non-comedogenic. So, I had great expectations for the results I’d get. 


I’m pleased to say that my breakout issues disappeared and I had absolutely no reaction to my new mineral based sunscreen. I’m so happy, as while my breakouts haven’t gotten much better, they’re no longer made worse by the sunscreen I’m using. 


In fact, my daughter has become more interested in their products, as the bottle caps turn a different color when they’re exposed to UV rays. A neat little feature that’s already taught my little one quite a bit about sun protection by getting us to talk about it.


If You’ve Got Breakouts, I Strongly Recommend It


If you’re like me and I know there’s lots of you out there, I strongly recommend that you change from chemical sunscreens if you’re currently still using them. No longer am I choosing not to go and enjoy the sun for fear of making my spots worse.


It’s had a liberating effect for me and it can do the same for you too. All that you need to do is visit the Blue Lizard website and see for yourself, as there’s lots of interesting and informative stuff to read there.


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