What is SOP— Standard Operating Procedure?


Before starting a business, you should create a business plan that will describe the goals of your company and how you plan to achieve them. Marketing plans, budget setups, employees information— these all pre-determined plans will take your business to a successful path.  

What is an SOP?  

If you need something that will tell you how things should be done—  then go to SOP. 

It is a roadmap of what and how your successful business will look like. If you are ready to launch your business or, for some people, if your business is already running for a long time with a constant flow, then it is time to create an Standard Operating Procedure for your business. 

What is an SOP

 The basics- 

 The standard operating procedure is a document that will break down your long-planned procedures into small and comprehensible steps. 

  • You can now easily understand procedures through flow charts, different formats, and checklists. 
  • This way you can avoid having to build up the whole procedure again by creating an Standard Operating Procedure template instead. 

If we are at an unknown place or places we are not so familiar with —we surely need a roadmap to reach the destination safely, or if students are stuck in the loop of many assignments then they definitely need the help of homework help— that’s exactly what an Standard Operating Procedure does to a business of any kind. 

What is an SOP document? 

We learned the fact that Standard Operating Procedure is written in a document. 

The real question is, what do these documents contain that is so essential to run a business? 

  • Standard Operating Procedure document is the exact routine or procedure that businesses, especially hospitality-related, should follow to perform a specific task. 
  • A step-by-step instruction to guide employees to perform technical or repetitive work. 
  • In simple words, it is a book on how to get a task done. 
What is an SOP document

Businesses without an SOP- 

We can’t imagine a business running without electronic devices, like computers, right?  

It should be the same with SOP, but unfortunately, it is not. 

Even today, many businesses are running without an SOP document, maybe because of the lack of knowledge or maybe they took SOP for a sideline subject. 

Whatever the reason may be, those businesses are missing out on organized procedures. 

Working with an SOP means you are making sure that all your employees are properly trained, otherwise each person might complete the job in his or her way without proper guidance. 

SOP is not just important but crucial if you want to provide high-quality services efficiently to your customers that will keep your business’s morality intact. 

What kind of business must have an SOP? 

What kind of business must have an SOP

The answer is easy— all of them. But if need be specific then it is hotel businesses or any other business that demands high hospitality. There are a lot of tasks that a hotel employee is required to perform but if it is not clear to them then things might get clumsy. Hospitality businesses running without an SOP means they are risking their company’s hard build reputation, and that’s a risk one should avoid at all costs. 

Categories of Hotel SOPs- 

SOPs of the hotel industry are written explaining emergencies, equipment issues, legal liabilities, and the star point—guest experiences. 

The two categories of Standard Operating Procedure required for the hotel industry to run smoothly are- 

  1. Operational standard operating procedure – the tasks and instructions are written in this document are related to the daily operation of the hotel, like – professionals’ interactions with the guests, billing procedures, food arrangements, etc.
  2. Emergency standard operating procedure- this document is filled with instructions and procedures that the employees need to do in case of any extraordinary situations that hardly occur. This document is given to only a few fit members that can handle these seldom situations. 


It is HR’s responsibility to create SOPs for the new employees. 

The HR department is required to work with the head of each department to ensure that they are provided with appropriate Standard Operating Procedure for the important tasks that the department performs. For example – if the department is the manufacturing one, then HR needs to make sure that each of them has SOPs explaining the management of machine maintenance. 

This will help them avoid unplanned downtime due to machine failure. 

What is an SOP template? 

Now that we know the basics of Standard Operating Procedure, what is an SOP document? 

  • Standard Operating Procedure template is like the blueprint of the SOP document that the company uses before finalizing the actual document. 
  • These are like basic guidelines for creating the standard operating procedure. 
  • A template will help you understand what kind of information should be added to the document, and in what way instructions should be written so that employees can easily understand them. 
  • Templates create a specific style to ensure that all SOPs of a company are structurally consistent. 
  • Standard Operating Procedure templates proved to be handy when procedures needed to be changed during the beginning of the pandemic. 
What is an Standard Operating Procedure template


Creating an Standard Operating Procedure for your business means consistency in the processes that will take you to the goal created at the starting point of the business. Efficiency and consistency are the signs of a successfully running business!

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