Suction cupping has probably gotten a lot of attention in recent years-remember when Michael Phelps showed up at the 2016 Olympics with dramatic-looking round bruises on his back? The cameras zoomed in and the questions began.

Today, the procedure continues to attract attention on social media, with celebrities, from professional athletes to the Kardashians, sharing photos from their sessions. Perhaps you have colleagues and friends who are going through a Scottsdale corporate buyout and have wondered about it. However, for the average health-conscious person, the benefits are not always obvious. Is it just for athletes? How can it help you? We know our clients have questions, and in this blog, Dr. Sorr will introduce you to this popular treatment.

So let’s talk about the science behind kupication, explore the mechanisms by which it relieves pain and promotes healing, and see how it can help you live better.

The history of kupirovania

Since the concept of kupirovania has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, it may seem a bit exotic. However, understanding the evolution of this treatment over the centuries will make things much easier for you. In Chinese, kupirovanie is known as “pulling cans”. From the beginning, the mechanism of Cupping has been exactly that: to tighten the tissues and decompress. Simple and powerful, this iv therapy in scottsdale az has been used for over 5,000 years to eliminate stagnation and blockages of “qi” or blood flow in the body.

Originally, the classical ba guan zi technique consisted of targeting areas of pain or acupuncture points to the body’s energy meridians. Practitioners used clay, horn or bamboo bowls for their patients, which they carefully heated before applying them to each point. After all this time, the concept is still the same, so there are clearly positive results.

So what do the cups do in your body? From the beginning, the vacuum inside the cups exerts gentle pressure on the skin, muscles, circulation and connective tissue. When the air inside each cup cools, it creates a vacuum and lifts the skin and underlying areas. Like many other aspects of alternative medicine, this simple treatment can have profound effects. When the area in the bowl is lifted, it increases blood flow, loosens connective and myofascial tissue and stimulates healing. This action is also called myofascial decompression.

How does cupping iv therapy in scottsdale azwork?

As you may have guessed, this is a very welcome effect for anyone suffering from pain and tension. The effects of cupping are sometimes instantaneous. No wonder this practice is still used today. Like all medical procedures, its use today has been streamlined, focused and enhanced with modern technology. At Health Source Clinic, we take a 21st century approach to kupirovania, often using it in conjunction with other therapies and treatments. It is a fast and effective way to immediately reduce pain from tight muscles and stiff fascia.

Many deep tissue therapies, such as massage, can help break up scar tissue and reduce pain. Cup work also aims to address these and other issues. Let’s take a closer look at the bruising that occurs as a result of cupping. It promotes healing and can help you assess the progress of your recovery.

In our clinic, we use a variety of cupping pads on sore muscles, allowing them to grow for a few minutes while concentrating blood flow to the area. When removed, they leave bruises, similar to the hickeys that have been seen in athletes and others.

They are very helpful in several ways. Bruising and pain indicate that we are addressing the source of the problem: blockage or stagnation of blood and/or qi. Secondly, the benefits of these bruises are similar to the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP is a very effective form of regenerative medicine that we use in our clinic. During the process of hematoma formation, blood platelets secrete growth factors. These small proteins guide the healing process as they stimulate local stem cells and encourage the body to heal the wounds. In general, PRP iv therapy in scottsdale az accelerates the recovery of soft tissue injuries.

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