What is An ISO 9001 Audit & How to Get Benefited from It?

ISO 9001 Audit

So, what exactly is an ISO 9001 audit? It’s the process of auditing your current level of performance against the ISO standards. With this information, you can take action on what can be improved to ensure that you meet your customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations. To find out how to benefit from this sort of audit, keep reading!

What is an ISO 9001 Audit?

Before moving forward and analyzing whether your company should or shouldn’t get an ISO certification, let’s answer a simple question – what exactly is an ISO audit and why would you need it? These days, many companies are using ISO certification as a marketing tool. However, most of them are not aware that ISO audits go beyond being just that. There are several reasons why a company would actually want to get one

Why should you get an audit done?

There are many benefits of auditing your systems, and we’ve put together a list of just some of them. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to get an audit: 

  • Provides a full insight into your business processes
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces internal variation in product/service delivery
  • Drives and sustains continual improvement
  • Achieves customer satisfaction 

There are more than a few reasons why businesses today choose to get audited, and these benefits listed above certainly make it easier for you. If you want to enhance your business processes or even start fresh with new ones, having an audit done could be one way of getting there.

When should you get an audit done?

When you have been operating for at least 2 years and want a third-party to give you feedback on how your procedures are working, then you should consider an audit. Getting a quality-management certification can be an effective way of proving that your products and services meet industry standards, which in turn can improve customer confidence and help boost sales. The rules for an ISO supplier audit vary slightly depending on where it’s being done (e.g., in-house vs. at a third party). But as a general rule, here’s what you need to know: An external auditor will come into your business and perform checks against all 14 areas of a company’s operations.

Who will perform your audit?

Understanding who will perform your audit is another key element in making sure you get what you want out of it. Some organizations hire consultants or outside auditors and some choose internal teams. Consultants tend to be more expensive but may also bring additional business-process expertise, experience and resources that an internal team might not have. Internal teams can save money but they’re limited by their own experience and resources, as well as whatever biases may be attached to them. You’ll want an independent third party who isn’t afraid to hold you accountable for any gaps in policy or procedure, so weigh all your options carefully before choosing a team for your certification audit.

How to Get Benefited from It?

An ISO 9000 audit, also known as an SS 9000 audit, is a detailed review of your business’s compliance with international quality management standards. If you’re trying to get your business recognized as a supplier for a Fortune 500 company, having an ISO 9001 certificate in hand can make a huge difference. If you haven’t heard of them before, these are quality standards that most companies in Europe, Australia, and North America adhere to (to varying degrees). Understanding how they impact your business may be critical for long-term success and growth.


An ISO 9001 audit helps an organization understand what they’re doing right and where improvements can be made. But like any type of evaluation, one size doesn’t fit all, so choose a provider that’s able to work with your organization and its specific needs. With a focus on improving organizational effectiveness, every service we provide meets our customers’ expectations and helps make your business more productive, cleaner, and greener. In fact, we recently helped one of our clients achieve some major success by boosting quality performance through ISO registration — ultimately benefiting their bottom line in a meaningful way! Learn more about how you can improve your business today by contacting APQC at 1-888-859-7543 or emailing [email protected].

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