What education do you need to become a DevOps engineer?

What education do you need to become a DevOps engineer?

DevOps is the concept that two teams working on system development should collaborate for the best results. In this approach, the developer and operations team merge into one.

DevOps is a word that has gained popularity in recent years. There are a lot of companies that use this word internally. DevOps provides advantages that are critical for next-generation IT solutions and software development.

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Brief of DevOps Past

DevOps has a direct but revolutionary history. Andrew Clay and Patrick Debois had a conversation in 2008 that resulted in the birth of DevOps. They were concerned about Agile’s flaws and wanted to come up with a better alternative.

After the DevOps Days conference in Belgium in 2009, the notion gained popularity and became famous in some places.

It’s a mix of lean thinking and an agile mindset. DevOps brings all project teams’ work together, resulting in increased synergy.

The best thing about DevOps is that it’s difficult than it appears. It’s not just a cost-cutting initiative; it’s also a step toward cultural change.

This cross-departmental teamwork between developers, quality assurance engineers, and system administrators is even better than it appears.

Thanks to DevOps implementation, developers may now participate in deployment, administrators can write scripts, and QA engineers can troubleshoot issues other than testing.

DevOps implementation allows developers to engage in deployment, administrators to write scripts, and QA engineers to troubleshoot issues other than testing.

How it works

In a DevOps design, development and operations teams are no longer “silos.” These two groups merge to form a single team. These engineers work across the whole application lifecycle, from development to testing to deployment and operations, and do not build a perfect set of skills defined to a single function.

In some DevOps models, quality assurance and security teams may also become more interactive in development and operations and throughout the application lifecycle. When everyone in a DevOps team focuses on security, it’s referred to as DevSecOps. It’s also referred to as DevSecOps when everyone in a DevOps team puts a greater emphasis on privatization.

These organizations use best practices to automate formerly manual and slow processes. They acquire a technology stack and infrastructure that enables them to operate and evolve apps quickly and reliably. These tools also aid engineers in independently accomplishing activities (such as distributing code or providing infrastructure) that would necessitate the support of other teams, thus enhancing a team’s velocity.

Qualification needed to be a DevOps Engineer

Every engineer needs to have some amount of theoretical and practical experience to be an expert. There are some skills which they want to have.

Knowledge of Cloud Service Platforms

The individual needs knowledge of the depth of cloud platforms. The engineer has to be good in Azure, GCP, AWS, etc.

Good Concept Understanding

DevOps Engineer needs to be good with all the concepts of coding.

Digital Pipelines Development Experience

Companies always prefer someone with extensive knowledge. Engineers need to have the skill to perform digital pipelines, such as CD pipelines and CI pipelines.

Hands-on DevOps Tools and Technology Knowledge

Splunk, Nagios, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Git, and other DevOps technologies and tools should be well-versed in the deployment, testing, and development of these technologies and tools.

Fundamental Knowledge of Linux

Along with coding, one needs to have a solid understanding of Linux.

Advantages of having DevOps Engineer in Organization

There are several advantages a company gets when they hire a DevOps engineer.

DevOps accelerates the development of any program. Developers and Operations are also the best approaches to strengthen the link between two teams.

Automation and consistency provide help to handle complicated systems more effectively and safely. Infrastructure as code, for example, makes it easier to maintain a repeatable and efficient development, testing, and production environment.

DevOps Scope

In every area of the product, DevOps will be the most appropriate option for security. DevOps engineers can handle each domain, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


DevOps is the best solution for the future of IT. Any organization needs to have this engineer in their company to do their work effectively. Skills like being good in programming and Operations are appropriate to get the educational qualification of a DevOps Engineer.

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