Upgrade your wardrobe with no-collar dress shirts

Shirts with collars are common and always seen in the stores. Many places do not require a tie, but they have to wear it because they want the collar to look even. But now, men have the option to wear a collarless shirt which will make them relaxed and add new fashion to their outfit.

What is a collarless shirt?

A collarless shirt is a shirt that has no collar above the first button of the shirt. A collarless shirt is also called a grandad collar shirt. Blue, white, and black colour shirts are mostly trending and look classy. 

Types of collarless shirt

There are two types of no collar dress shirts: a banded collar and the other is a mandarin collar shirt.

Band Collar- In a banded collar shirt, the shirt does not have a collar but a small round band above the first button. The band is short; it cannot be pulled down or folded, but you will get a button on the band in band collar shirts. It usually has two to four centimetres in height.

Mandarin CollarIn the mandarin collar, There is no collar above the first button. The band collar has the same band, but it does not join completely in the front. There is a gap in the centre on the front side of the band. 

We can also see that the mandarin collar is a part of the band collar. It is only modified by creating a gap in the front of the band.

How to style a collarless shirt in the outfit?

The collarless shirts have the same fit and fabric as a collared shirt. 

There is normally no limit to how you have to wear it. It all depends on you, how you want to style it. 

Casual look- Mostly, men are seen wearing a collarless shirt in a casual look. The shirt is of normal cotton fabric, not too fitted and not too loose fit. If you do not want to wear a tie and blazer on the shirt, you can wear a no collar dress shirt with two styles. Either you can tuck all the buttons and wear it with a pant, or you can keep the first 2-3 buttons open to give a smart and cool casual look. It looks flexible and attractive. 

Formal look Nowadays, collarless shirts are trending because now there is no more hassle to wear a tie every time. If you are going to a meeting or office, you need to wear a proper tie to make your collar look balanced together. You can wear the band shirt with tucked buttons and add a new trend to the formal look. It will give the same formal look as the collared shirt gives but without the big collar.



No collar dress shirts have taken place in the men’s wardrobe full of collar shirts. Say goodbye to the collar shirts on occasions to feel free and relaxed from the ties. Enjoy the flexibility of the collarless shirts.

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