Understanding the Evolution of Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Rental

Photography is one of the most important aspects of any event because pictures are the best as they keep the memories of an event alive. They capture the best and funny moments of a function. Today, several types of equipment are used for photography at social gatherings. The latest equipment used is photo booth rental that has been undergone a long evolution.

Development of Photo Booth Rental Through the Ages

A photo booth has become extremely popular because of its unique way of photographing different events. But this modern form of photography has a long history of evolution. In the beginning, the photos obtained were only in print, but today they can be saved on a computer or other mobile devices. The photo booth had to underdog the next evolution to reach its modern form.

When was Photography Invented?

It was the year 1826 when photography was invented, but it was not until 1889 that the system was automated. The whole automated system was not easy to operate as it would require a large team which consisted of almost twenty people. It was only after thirty-six years that a breakthrough was made.

The Invention of Photomaton

The breakthrough mentioned in the previous point was the full automation of photography machines in 1925, similar to the photo booths that came next. The main reason for its popularity was that it took photos automatically and faster than its predecessor.

Curtain Closed Photo Booths

The Photomaton was the first step towards the development of the modernized DSLR photo booth. The curtain-closed photo booth was the creative idea of Anatol Josepho; a Russian immigrant. This booth was considered a great invention because the users could get a strip of eight pictures in almost eight minutes.

Operating System of the First Photo Booth

People used to enter the photo booth and close the curtain behind them. Then they inserted twenty-five cents in the machine. It took a minute for each picture; so individuals had time to pose eight times. The photo booth became so much popular that even celebrities used it.

The Evolution of Modern DSLR Photo Booth

Today the modern photo booths that you can hire through various Nashville Photo Booth come in two options. The first one is enclosed like the old photo booth, and the second is open. The modern version of the photo booth has a proper background set up, and props can be used during the shoot.

What are Different Types of Photo Booths?

Several kinds of photo booths are available today that can be arranged at different events. These range from the simple to the ones that use the innovative and latest technology. People have different tastes, so it is best to have a variety of photo booths.

Photo Booth for Passport Pictures

The curtain-closed photo booths are sued today to take passport-sized photos. For the guests taking passport pictures will become a memory because the digital age is making many things obscure, like print versions of photos. You can have eight shots in passport size in different posses.

Booths for Photo Stickers

Another unique photo booth that you can have at your events develops pictures in the form of stickers. Guests can take funny pictures and paste them at the back of their mobile covers. In this way, the images will not be lost.

Purikura or Selfie Stickers

These photo sticker booths are called Purikura, and today they are used to take selfies. This type of photo booth has other options for the users. These include text writing options, backdrops, inserting decorations, borders, margins, and enhancing facial features.

GIFs and Social Media Sharing Booths

A unique photo booth is required so that guests can create GIFs and then share them on social media platforms. Pictures are taken in different postures, and then GIFs are made with the help of apps.

360 Video Photo Booth

This is a unique kind of photo booth rental as the person must stand on a platform, and the camera makes a video by rotating 360 degrees. Sometimes this rotation can be 180 degrees. But the best videos are created when the camera takes a full circle.

By now, you should have known that the modern form of the photo booth has gone through several stages of evolution to reach its current designs and functions.

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