Travel Guide to Dhaka – Dhaka – City of Mosques and Rickshaws

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Once an extraordinary Mughal trading port, Dhaka is the capital and biggest city in Bangladesh. It’s also called City of Mosques and Rickshaw Capital of the World, with 400,000 cycle rickshaws going through the city consistently. The city is chock-full with mosques, museums, markets, lavish gardens, and parks, while the waterfront is crowded with paddle steamers, fishing boats, yachts, and motor launches. 

Under British guidelines, a completely new pilgrim city was implicit in the north of the city. The Ramna district as it’s currently called is a hotbed of culture, art, and intellect, the site of the National Museum, and a bunch of libraries, schools, and art galleries. Take a horse and truck or cart ride through the city – make sure you agree on a price first – it will open your eyes. Visit Mirpur’s Botanical Garden, then, at that point jump door to Dhaka Zoo, home to magnificent Royal Bengal tigers. 

Reasons Why You Should Go?

Go for the colorful chaos of the roads and waterfront, the delightful buildings, mosques and sanctuaries & temples. Go for the parks, bazaars, museums, and culture. In particular, go for the experience! In the event that you keep your brains about you when traveling and arranging, Dhaka is a feast for the senses.

Best Time to Go? 

Bangladesh has three main seasons – the monsoon season (late May to early October) the cool season (mid-October to end of February) and the hot season (March to mid-May). The best and ideal time to travel is between October and February when daytime temperatures normal 24ºC. Cyclones affect Bangladesh on normal at every 3 years during May, June, October, and November. The period of Ramadan might influence travel – kindly check dates. 

How to Arrive There? 

Dhaka is served by Shah Jalal International Airport (once Zia International Airport) which is found 13 miles north of Dhaka. Non-stop flights are accessible from major air terminals. If you are looking to go there? Just, book emirates reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight to Dhaka.

Note that, wear long sleeves and pants on your flight, as the things baggage reclaim area is a mosquito haven. Dhaka is known as the Rickshaw Capital of the World, with 400,000 cycle carts running every day. They are the ecologically preferred and main mode of transport in the city.

Attractions You Should See 

Visit the multi-story National Museum and Institute of Arts and Crafts for a taste of Dhaka’s set of history and culture. Shop in comfort at Bashundhara City, a 10-story Asian shopping center, or get stuck in and wrangle at New Market (shut on Tuesdays). Keep away from food sold by road sellers and stick to cafés, which are especially good in upscale Gulshan. At the point when you need to escape from the frenzy of the city, pack a picnic and head 40km north to the 1600 sections of land of forest and parkland at the National Park.

In the Nutshell

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