Top Ten Reasons to Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is amongst the favorite destinations for studying abroad for thousands of foreign students throughout the world. So, let’s peep inside for the reasons that make Study in Canada one of the favorite destinations for students across the globe.

Safe and Peaceful Country: Study in Canada is a peaceful and safe with low crime rates. It has also been ranked amongst the topmost 10 countries in the world in the context of quality of living.

Excellent Education: The Canadian Universities are ranked topmost in the international ranking as well. They also provide a variety of programs at the undergraduate, post levels and PG Diploma. It is the best part which makes education in Canada world-class.

Options of Immigration: Canada provides the prospects for immigration as well after they have completed their studies. They can work there which makes it the most desirable country for studying abroad.

Reasonable Fee: The students prefer Canada over other study hubs such as Australia and the USA as the tuition fee and cost of living is quite reasonable. The cost has become the major factor for studying abroad amongst the students so they are attracted to this country due to low costs.

Work while Studying: The students study in Canada are authorized to work upto20 hours in a week off-campus and 30 hours in a week during their scheduled breaks. Increase your vocabulary by discovering more better words like basic synonyms, antonyms, and various other grammar concepts. This is a crucial pointer. It is necessary to enhance your vocabulary to do well in all the sections of the IELTS assessment.

Bilingual Environment: Canada is a bilingual country which makes it the most desired country for the students. The education system of study in Canada provides coursework in English and French which helps the students to develop their language skills and enhance their prospects for a bright future. Bear in mind that consistency is the only trick to obtain higher marks in IELTS. Consequently, never skimp on the necessary things.

Excellent Quality of Life: As discussed earlier, the standard of living and quality education are amongst the highest across the world. The cost of living in Canada is low as compared to other countries like France, the US and UK. It also offers stability, safety and respects the right of communities and individuals.

Enriching Experience of Culture: The country is blessed with a diverse population resulting in vibrant and rich cultural scenarios. The music lovers can enjoy the world-famous musical events which bring together 3,000 musicians from 30 countries each year.

Natural Beauty: Canada is a vast country with its surface area 14 times larger than that of France. It offers a magnitude of verdant landscapes which can be explored throughout its four seasons. It is a never-ending source of natural beauty ranging from seas, prairies to mountains and forests.

Canada’s tech wave: There are many industries relating to digital media, telecommunication, biotech and video games in the country. It is the pioneer country to link its educational institutions and libraries to the internet through its innovative SchoolNet program.

Few places offer advantages as Canada does for international students. Canada does not disappoint the students who are looking for a progressive career and bright future. We, at Woodbridge Overseas, have the vision to provide expert consultation on Immigration for the study visa. We are amongst the best Immigration Consultants for Study Visa in Chandigarh. Our team of professional immigration counselors has gained specialization in the domain of visa and immigration services. For assisting you to settle or study in Canada or any of the other countries, you can contact us on (+91)172-4698727 (phone number) and (+91) 8968128727(mobile number) or drop an email to

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