Top Rated Horror Movies to Watch on 123Movies


The year 2022 is almost over, bringing a slew of terrifying new films. If you’re a fan of the genre or are planning a frightening movie marathon with your friends and want some fresh ideas, you’ll be thrilled to know that this year’s crop of horror flicks has not let you down. Scroll down for a complete rundown of the upcoming and current fright flicks on 123Movies that are setting the bar high.

The Dark and the Wicked

In this chilling tale of generational evil, two brothers and sisters return to their rural childhood home to help care for their sick father. Both siblings feel abandoned by their mother and father because of their mother’s strange conduct toward them. Is he unwell, or does he have demonic possession? The film’s writer and director, Bryan Bertino, creates an atmosphere of mounting dread as the domestic crisis spirals out of control. This movie is available on 123Movies to watch for free.

You Won’t Be Alone

In an unnamed rural town in Macedonia, a tiny nation in the Balkan Peninsula of southeastern Europe, You Won’t Be Alone is set in the nineteenth century. The film follows Nevena, a little girl, as she deals with the terrifying aftermath of her abduction by the legendary Wolf-Eater, Old Maid Maria. After Old Maid Maria turns Nevena into a witch who can assume the appearance of anybody she kills, Nevena launches a murderous rampage across the hamlet.

The Black Phone

The protagonist of The Black Phone is Finney, a 13-year-old boy who is kidnapped by a serial killer named the Grabber. The basement’s construction is silencing his calls for aid. The killer’s past victims, all of whom are dead, begin calling Finney from a supposedly broken black phone on the wall, pleading with him to get away.


This silent masterpiece from 1922 by filmmaker F.W. Murnau inspired almost every vampire film of the previous century. Murnau’s picture, a classic of German expressionism, is an unofficial version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, following the basic narrative but replacing Dracula with the hideous Count Orlok (Max Schreck). Some of the most recognizable scenes in the history of horror films are those in which a villain, such as Orlok’s shadow, chases an unsuspecting victim or a vampire emerges from his tomb. You can watch this movie on 123Movies.

Sea Fever

A group of fishermen and a lone scientist are shipwrecked at sea as a deadly monster steadily closes in on them in this claustrophobic sci-fi horror film reminiscent of Alien and John Carpenter’s The Thing. Every crew member is in danger as the ancient underwater threat disables their ship and releases microscopic spores into the water supply. As the timid scientist who takes charge of the crew’s reaction to the monster, Hermione Corfield delivers a commanding performance. She follows in the footsteps of those unlikeliest of heroes who have overcome unimaginably terrible odds.

Train to Busan

This Korean zombie movie turns a Seoul-to-Busan train into a deathtrap. A businessman and his daughter are on their way to see her mother when a zombie epidemic breaks out over the nation. The passengers aboard the train have nowhere to go as the virus spreads among them because of the late arrival of an infected lady. The film successfully mashes together the thrills of a single-setting thriller with the blood and guts of a zombie tale, with just the appropriate amount of touching scenes between a father and daughter.

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