Here Are The Top Five Digital Marketing Courses to Take in 2021

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Seeking the top digital marketing courses that include features like real-time projects and give you a 360-degree view of the industry? You’ve come to the right place if that’s what you’re looking for. To acquire better prospects, savvy marketers use the latest Seo methods. 

They adjust their messaging in response to data, treading a thin line on social media to maximize their visibility and guarantee their messages are exactly targeted to each target. As a result, Prism, the best digital marketing company suggests it’s critical for digital marketers to keep their skills sharp at all times. 

Online education and certifications through tailor-made digital marketing courses provided by professional training institutions can be a lifeline for marketing professionals. 

Why Should You Go into Digital Marketing as a Career or Upskill?

In practically every industry, there is a huge and growing demand for digital marketers. In most circumstances, you can enter the profession for a little initial investment and with little prior knowledge or experience. Digital marketers can earn a lot of money. Digital marketing wages range from $80,000 to $150,000 on average, and there are plenty of career prospects for:

  • Social media managers.
  • Affiliate marketing leaders.
  • Content marketers.
  • Digital marketing managers.
  • SEO managers.
  • SEM/PPC experts.
  • And there’s more.

Here are five of the finest digital marketing courses for 2021 that our digital marketing agency has selected for professionals that are passionate about digital trends and approaches and want to advance their professions. This list outlines each course’s objectives and learning path, as well as how they are delivered, how much they cost, and what sets them apart from the others. 

This course ranking is based on four major characteristics and the results of significant study and analysis:

  • Curriculum Depth: The comprehensiveness of the skills and content covered.
  • Hands-on, interactive learning: How interactive the course is, and how much emphasis it places on learning real-world tools and addressing real-world industry challenges, for example.
  • Program recognition: Are the program and the credential it produces accepted in the business world? Is it acknowledged globally or only in a specific country or region (e.g., the United States, the United Kingdom, or India)?
  • Experience of Students: External ratings, such as Mouthshut, Trustpilot, and others, were used to get student opinions on Bootcamp and suggestions.

The 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in 2021, according to experts in Digital Marketing Solutions.

  • Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in Partnership with Purdue University, co-created with Facebook and delivered by Simplilearn.

This postgraduate program, designed in partnership with Purdue University, is intended to give thorough training in career-changing abilities. According to MarTech, this curriculum is the world’s top digital marketing course.

The training focuses on SEO, PPC, social media strategy, web analytics, language targeting, online reputation management, search psychology, and other essential digital marketing skills. Simplilearn’s approach, content, and delivery have numerous important advantages in our opinion. 

The content of the program is both broad and deep.

This online marketing course will teach you the practical principles of SEO, SEM, web analytics, and social media marketing using tools and hands-on practice. You’ll receive a Purdue University certificate as well as a free Facebook Blueprint certification voucher.

The online Bootcamp will provide you with expertise that you can use in the real world. 

This course will teach you how to:

  • Develop the knowledge that will allow you to advance in your job.
  • Working on real-life challenges is a great way to learn.
  • Experts in their fields, not out-of-touch instructors, are the best teachers.
  • To address any conceptual issues, you’ll have access to 24/7 learning support from mentors and a network of like-minded peers.

You will receive a top-notch digital marketing course framework and delivery.

The online Bootcamp approach mixes instructor-led training in virtual live streaming classrooms with self-paced videos that participants can watch at their leisure (with full one-year anytime access to courses). You can finish the course in six months if you work 5-10 hours per week.

At least two years of experience is required, as well as a bachelor’s degree in any area and a marketing or non-marketing background. The total cost of the course is $2,250, which includes all courses, videos, examinations, and workbooks. Tuition can also be broken down into manageable monthly payments as low as $198 per month.


  • Hands-on experience and job-ready expertise in digital marketing.
  • A capstone project for your portfolio to show employers your abilities.
  • Certification from Purdue University’s Postgraduate Program.
  • Simplilearn provides an industry-recognized credential.
  • The Purdue Alumni Association officially granted you official membership.
  • Simplilearn’s main eLearning content is available for life.

Digital Media and Marketing Certificate – Duke University Continuing Studies 

Students will learn about the top eight disciplines in digital marketing in this self-paced online course. It entails around 350 hours of instructor-led training and self-study, which must be completed within 12 months of enrolment.

The non-credit course is meant to prepare learners for the OMCA and OMCP certification tests and is related to the OMCP® certification. For the OMCP tests, students must enroll independently. This course also prepares students for certification tests in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, and Microsoft Bing.

Students will learn how to use Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, YouTube and Video Marketing, Twitter Advertising, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics, among other digital marketing tools. Learners who have access to laboratories from Mimic Pro and Mimic Social can replicate paid and social media campaigns using real-world data and analytics.

It is ideal for:

  • Those who want to improve their digital marketing skills.
  • Those interested in starting a new profession in digital marketing.

Students must complete at least six of the eight advanced modules to qualify for the DMCA certification of completion, which consists of nine modules:

  • Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Content Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media
  • Advanced Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) – required to move on to advanced modules

Students can also enroll in elective courses such as mobile analytics and cloud, Pinterest marketing, display advertising, and other topics. The total cost of the program is $3,195. To be eligible, students must be at least 18 years old and possess basic computer and word processing skills.


  • The ability to learn from any location, using any device, at any time.
  • Simulate real-world campaigns in hands-on labs.
  • Industry experts and skilled trainers will be available for live online mentorship sessions.
  • For the most part, there are study aids and presentation decks available.
  • After graduation, you will have access to existing and new course material for 12 months.

 Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program 

The “Master’s Programs” at Simplilearn are designed to provide thorough training in career-changing skillsets. The Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program accomplishes this by covering the following topics:

Every one of the core disciplines, such as:

  • Conversion and strategy
  • Web analytics
  • Digital channels
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media

Additionally, there are elective options in:

  • Website conversion rate optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Advanced mobile marketing
  • Email marketing

Learners will be prepared to pass a variety of expert tests, including the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional), Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, YouTube, and others. With the Mimic Pro environment (driven by real-world Google data), Simplilearn gives you access to virtual simulations so you can put yourself in the shoes of a digital marketer and execute marketing experiments, design virtual campaigns, conceptualize landing sites, and other critical tasks.

You’ll also be introduced to more than 40 digital marketing tools and trained on how to apply them to real-world projects. Learn from professional course advisers with a combined 12+ years of work and training experience. 

The applied learning paradigm at Simplilearn integrates instructor-led training in virtual, live-streaming classrooms with self-paced video content that learners can watch at their own convenience (with full one-year anytime access to courses). 

Monthly mentorship meetings, access to a community of digital marketing specialists, regular quizzes and tests, and downloadable workbooks and apps round out the package. There are no prerequisites for the one-year digital marketing course. The complete seven-part Bootcamp costs $1,499, which includes all classes, videos, examinations, and workbooks.


  • Five major digital marketing disciplines for $1,499
  • Virtual live classes + self-paced videos make up the applied learning model.
  • Mimic Pro environment for virtual simulations.
  • There are over 40 marketing tools that have been employed on real-world enterprises.
  • Top professors and Silicon Valley specialists from the “Dream Team.”
  • Monthly marketing coaching sessions and a marketing community.

Marketing M.S. from Georgia State University 

This is a 12-month on-campus full-time program. A Graduate Certificate of Specialization in Brand and Customer Management is awarded to students in addition to the M.S. degree. The objective of the program is to:

  • People who have never worked in marketing before.
  • Professionals with several years of marketing experience looking to further their careers inside their present company.
  • Recent graduates who wish to get their career off to a good start.

To handle intensive, research-driven projects, the course’s Social Media Intelligence Lab brings together an interdisciplinary group of instructors, PhD students, and research assistants. This strategy entails collaborating with outside organizations to address complex marketing issues.

The following are some of the topics covered (in five minimesters):

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Marketing Metrics (3 hours)
  • Digital/Social Media Marketing
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Product Management
  • International Marketing
  • Applied Marketing Strategy

Requirements for Applications

  • Online application and $50 application fee.
  • Test scores: GMAT or GRE (optional for fall 2021).
  • An interview.
  • College transcripts.
  • Personal statement.
  • Resume showing work experience preferred but not required.


  • Nonrefundable seat deposit: $250
  • Non-Georgia residents: $43,500
  • Georgia residents: $37,500

The cost of tuition may change.


  • Working in the cutting-edge Social Media Intelligence Lab is a dream come true.
  • Earning a dual degree in Data Science and Analytics is a possibility.
  • Take courses twice a week in the evenings.

Strategic Online Marketing Certificate from University of San Diego

The Strategic Online Marketing Program at the University of San Diego provides eight online standalone digital marketing courses that teach you real marketing expertise. Entrepreneurs, business professionals, and anybody trying to improve their digital marketing skills would benefit the most from this class. 

Students learn how to use an SEO and content development plan to boost an organization’s brand visibility, digital sales, and online consumer engagement.

The following topics are covered in a digital marketing certificate:

  • Optimizing URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions
  • Content marketing
  • Link-building strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Online presence
  • Website performance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

The curriculum of the Course

There are eight courses in all, which you can study individually (in any order) or as part of a complete program.

Requirements for a Certificate

Students must pass each of the eight individual courses with a C or better and attend 70% of the planned sessions. The certification fee is $45, and it is paid just once.


  • The overall cost of the program is $3,077, which includes all eight courses as well as the certificate fee.
  • Instructors with a track record of engaging students in a collaborative learning environment.
  • Each course has a four-week duration.
  • The materials for the course are distributed in class or via the Blackboard online learning platform.


Digital marketing courses have a lot to offer, whether you’re already in the marketing profession, want to change careers, or just want to improve your skillset. There are many possibilities available to you, and the professional opportunities that will open up will be well worth it. Take the time to conduct the necessary research.

As a next step, look into the top-rated course on this list, the Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in Partnership with Purdue University. Prism Digital thinks this is an excellent course for anyone who wants to advance their career in digital marketing, regardless of where they are currently. Go ahead and enroll in one of these courses and have an amazing career in Digital marketing.

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