Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen?


Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is by far the country’s largest city. There are a plethora of tourist attractions to please even the most discriminating traveler. Copenhagen, arguably Scandinavia’s most relaxed capital city, has a distinctly European feel, a friendly street life, and a unique café culture that will entice you to return time and again. The city is ideal for wandering around at your leisure, or you can do something like a local and hop on a bike, which is many people’s preferred mode of transportation. The Parliament at Christiansborg, for example, is well-known to many thanks to the Danish smash-hit TV series Borgen, and the Royal Family’s residence at Amalienborg is not to be missed. Book your tickets with Qatar Airways Flight Booking and explore these places.

Strøget Shopping Mile

A five-minute walk from Christiansborg will take you to the bustling shopping district of Street, where you’ll find a plethora of boutiques, cafés, and restaurants.

International brand-name stores such as Max Mara, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès are typically located at the end of the street-facing Kongens Nytorv. Street, a nickname from the 1800s, comprises several intersecting roads that start at Town Hall Square and end at Kongens Nytorv. Some of the streets to the north are also pedestrianized.

Target leads to City Hall Square, where you can find more affordable shopping at H&M, Weekday, and Zara. Also, don’t forget to check and apply ongoing offers on Qatar Airways Flight Tickets.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium

Dive beneath the surface of 7 million liters of water at Den Bla Planet, National Aquarium Denmark. Visit the bird colonies on the Faroe Islands’ steep falls, Alaska’s playful sea otters, and the elusive Giant Pacific octopus. In warmer waters, you can see the colorful fish of the coral reef, the strange creatures of Africa’s lakes and rivers, and the aquarium’s crown jewel: the stunning Ocean Tank. The whirlpool-inspired architecture is divided into five sections that represent a diverse range of species and habitats. Book a flight with Qatar Airways and explore this aquarium.

Little Mermaid

Take a walk along the waterfront from Nyhavn to Kastellet and admire the iconic statue and surroundings. Many boat tours also pass by the mermaid, but seeing it from land offers a better perspective. It is based on a theme from one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, which tells the story of a mermaid who once came up from the depths of the sea because she fell in love with a prince. The Citadel buildings have been well maintained and are well worth exploring. The Little Mermaid, which can be seen from the shore, is Copenhagen’s official emblem.

Kastellet is the former Citadel of Frederikshavn, the oldest parts of which date back to 1625. The bronze sculpture, created by Edvard Eriksen. Qatar Airways Ticket booking process is simple and online. You can book your tickets from anywhere.

Crossing H.C. Andersens Boulevard

Crossing H.C. Andersens Boulevard from Town Hall Square brings you to the inspiration for the Disney theme parks. The grand entrance at Vesterbrogade is impossible to miss. A dramatic archway flanked by columns greets visitors. Tivoli is a festive place to visit at any time of year.

Tivoli amusement park and pleasure gardens, founded in 1843. You’ll wind your way through the gardens through a village complete with cute shops and a lake adorned with well-lit trees that are serenely mirrored in the water. That’s probably the only peace you’ll find in this miniature theme park, which brings out the child in everyone who visits.


Nyhavn, which is flanked by the same name, is located next to Amalienborg. This enchanting area is a hive of activity, particularly in the summer. Brightly painted gabled buildings line the canal, bringing a splash of color to grey days and enticing visitors to stop in to look at the wares for sale in the shops and a tasty bite in the restaurants and cafés that call this place home. Nyhavn was once a shady district of Copenhagen. Still, now, with its majestic feel, it is a particularly charming part of the city that appears in countless images of the city. An anchor at the harbor’s end serves as a memorial to Danish sailors who died in World War II.

Den Bla Planet

Den Bla Planet was designed to look like a whirlpool. Close to 50 aquariums and installations line these paths, housing everything from eagle rays to turtles to hammerhead sharks to seahorses to moray eels to alligators. There are plenty of creatures to see here. Den Bla Planet, Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, is one of Copenhagen’s top attractions. The aluminum-covered walls of the building resemble rolling ocean waves, and the aquarium’s inner pathways flow like tributaries from the central core through eight sections.


Amalienborg, Rosenborg’s sister palace, and its tranquil waterfront gardens are less than one and a half kilometers away in the Frederiksstaden district. The palace was named after Queen Sophie Amalie, who had a lavish summer retreat that burned down in 1689. The four palaces facing the square were originally built as nobility residences but were taken over by the Royal Family following a fire at Christiansborg in 1794.

The area was intended to be a model society, with the King serving as the focal point and the aristocracy surrounding him. Qatar airways reservations also offer seasonal deals and offer on booking.

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