Top 5 Gas Fireplace Inserts Of 2021

If you enjoy the concept of a lighted chimney but do not like to purify ash, inserts for gas chimneys are a wonderful choice for you. Gas chimneys are a beautiful, simple way to provide warmth to your house without the trouble of conventional wood-burning chimneys.


You need to evaluate whether the choice is appropriate for your space, if available in vented or non-vented designs. vented fireplace gas inserts require an outdoor ventilation flow or duct, while unvented fireplace inserts may be fitted wherever. Other selections will include buying a gas or propane fireplace type or buying a double-fuel fireplace insert that means it can flow to any source of fuel.

Best Overall: Ashley Hearth Natural Gas Range With 34,000 BTU Ventless Firebox


A ventless gas fireplace insert is a simple, low-maintenance way to bring warmth and ambiance to your house. The Ashley Hearth Ventless Firebox may be put in your existing wood-burning fireplace area (with an optional insert kit) or a gas fireplace niche. According to the manufacturer, the advantage of a non-vented type like this is a high thermal efficiency rate of 99 percent. You’ll also have the greatest positioning possibilities because it doesn’t require venting to the exterior via an existing fireplace or new ducts.


This Ashley Hearth natural gas model is 38 inches wide by 23.75 inches tall, while the main combustion chamber measures 25 inches broad by 15.5 inches tall. A pair of realistic-looking logs are included with this ventless gas fireplace insert to complete your setup. The outside steel structure of the device is robust and durable, and the 36,000 BTU fireplace heater performs an outstanding job of heating a space.

Best Ventilated Gas: Deluxe Keystone Series B-Vent Fireplace By Empire Comfort Systems


A vented gas fireplace can either be a direct vent or B-vent. While direct venting necessitates the construction of a vent pipe that terminates outside the home’s wall or roof, a B Vented gas fireplace allows the exhaust to be vented through the existing fireplace.


If you are looking for a B Vented Gas Fireplace Insert to put inside your wood-burning fireplace, consider the Empire Keystone fireplace. This type provides 21,000 BTUs and utilizes your existing fireplace vent, allowing you to have the convenience of a gas fireplace insert where your wood-burning fireplace is already placed. This natural gas fireplace insert features millivolt lighting and remote control for adjusting your fireplace settings from across the room.

Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace


A gas fireplace with direct ventilation gives you additional options for where to position your fireplace. While typical gas fireplace inserts must release fumes down the chimney, a direct-vented fireplace uses a sealed chamber to draw in the fresh air and exhaust it through specialized plumbing going out of the home. via a gap in the wall or ceiling


Empire Tahoe Deluxe is a 36-inch natural gas direct vent fireplace. It has a millivolt ignition for ease of use. Users typically find installation to be simple, but make sure you understand the procedure and have all of the essential components (such as vent pipe, gas hose, and so on) and equipment for the job, or contact a professional to assure correct installation.

Best Log Set Vented: 24-inch Log Set For Peterson Real Fyre Pioneer Oak Vented

This vented log set has a realistic appearance and brilliant flames, adding warmth and beauty to an existing wood-burning fireplace. This is a wonderful choice if you want to convert your fireplace into something that requires less care and cleaning but are not ready to invest in a gas fireplace insert.


The Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Log Set should be used in conjunction with an open fireplace or chimney, but it creates larger flames that burn yellow, adding to the realistic appearance of this gas log set. Furthermore, even after the burner is switched off, the fake logs will continue to emit radiant heat, keeping your space toasty.

Best Non-Vented: Ashley Hearth Vented Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

Because a non-vented gas fireplace does not require external ventilation, heat does not escape through the chimney or flue. As a result, ventless gas fireplace inserts are often regarded as the most effective form of insert for heating a space. Because of its ventless construction, this Ashley Hearth model is 99 percent efficient.


This ventless gas fireplace insert’s appearance is completed with the accompanying mesh screen and ceramic logs. Some models use propane or natural glass. The heat spread of the 34,000 BTU heater is intense enough for lime. According to one user, it is possible to enter enormous rooms, even the full first story of a house.

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