Top 5 510 Thread Vape Batteries In 2021

Typically, 510 thread is commonly used for connecting vape thread batteries containing THC oil cartridges. The number 510 denotes ten threads, each measuring 0.5 mm in diameter. Initially, it was discovered by Joyetech, one of the pioneers in the vape pen battery business. With the pace of time and its increasing demand, 510 thread batteries evolved in various types and sizes with variant strengths. Different 510 thread vape battery come in variant looks; some appear in pen shape with a slim and skinny body type. In contrast, some other vape batteries have square and rectangle shapes with a variety of sizes. 

These types of batteries are portable; the batteries are just small in size but not in performance as they can go for a long period. If you are looking to buy the best 510 thread vape battery, this article will help you. Here, we included the top five 510 thread vape batteries that are efficient in function and price. 

  • O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Stylus Vape Pen Battery

This product belongs to the oldest company that has been in the industry since 2012 and sells various vaping products such as cartridges for vaping cannabis oil, thread batteries, and much more. This battery comes in four different power modes with 2.4v – 4.0 volts. It’s easy to activate a product with a rapid charger. 

  • Pipe Vape Battery 

It’s a classically designed vaping battery that appears uniquely and has an old-fashioned pipe design. This battery type is for heavy vapers that have 900mah battery capacity. It comes with three different vaping modes with a preheat vaping mode that just takes 10 seconds to heat the coil. It’s a good investment as it comes with overcharge and short circuit protection that prevent your device from the adverse effects of overcharging. 

  • SILO from CCELL

CCELL is one of the leading names in the vaping industry that features quality vaping devices. It is widely known for delivering the best THC cartridges. This battery is a high-powered battery containing aluminum alloy with a USB for charging. Battery performance is robust as it is connected with a 500mah battery. It has an automatic temperature control functionality that offers an exceptional user experience. 

  • iStick Amnis 2

This 510 thread vape battery comes in five different mode systems, including low, medium, high and maximum. It has a battery power of 1100mAh and also comes in an affordable range. Its design is not ordinary as it appears uniquely and has a rectangle shape. You can find various color options in it with a type C charger. Users can find it a perfect device to vape cannabis oil. 

  • Puffco Plus Battery

If you are looking for a stylish vape battery, it’s the ideal one that has a sleek and impressive design. It comes with a temperature control feature that easily heats the cannabis and offers an exceptional vaping experience. Furthermore, it’s a portable and solid device that can go for long use. It comes in three different power modes with a 520 mah battery capacity. 


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