Top 10 Favorite Places to Visit in Quito?

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If you are working to travel to the city of Quito, then take a look at this article. This city is the capital of Ecuador is a current city of the celebrated Galapagos Islands which is a backseat to the more well-known Galapagos Islands where locals or sightseers are not always conscious of what this city offers them. Visit this city to watch its exclusive attractions. This well-known city is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the world.

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El Panecillo

El Panecillo is located on the south side of Old Town which is established on the perched high on the impressive Quito hill. Visit this city which is one of the city’s top pulls and is the most significant landmark in Quito. This city brings home to the La Virgen de Quito which is a glowing madonna statue built-in 1976. 

Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo is a countrywide landmark that has some statues; a delightful, old-school museum, and a small village. be a part of this well-known museum that houses things from Highland and Amazonian tribes bouncing their history, a homey group of harmonious instruments, and all other belongings such as clothes, textiles, and more.

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La Campaña

La Campana is a place that has frequent churches in Quito placed within walking distance of one and another. Come to this city to watch this well-known church Compañia de Jesús and its strange exterior building and jaw-dropping interior. 

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Teleferico is a frightening place to visit for breathtaking views and a nail-biting ride. You will find this site with sky grams is one of the maximum aerial lifts in the world. Come here to relish the exhilarating ride of only 10 minutes, and take away the genius at the views over Quito on achievement at the up the side of Volcan Pichincha and respite at the top of Cruz Loma.

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The Crystal Palace

The crystal palace is located around the river, which winds through Quito. Visit this renowned area that sits high above the Old Town. Visit this tranquil grassy park positioned in the Guayaquil neighborhood and arrest panoramic views and go for a stroll or just take a break from a busy day of tourism.

Basílica del Voto Nacional

The basilica is the most momentous representation of neo-Gothic construction in the Americas and is Ecuador’s largest basilica. Visit this must-see charisma that was built in the panache of Notre Dame in Paris, with the structure for the concrete cathedral commencement in 1887. 

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Parque La Carolina

Parque La Carolina is prevalent among tourists which is Quito’s go-to spot for lessening and recreation. Visit this site which is located in the city’s commercial district, with the massive tract of land that was twisted from a farm into parkland in the 1940s. come to this place to enjoy one whole day and cherish the memories forever.

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