Three Ways To Keep Your Clients Satisfied And Happy

Three Ways To Keep Your Clients Satisfied And Happy

So what’s so great about customer satisfaction? It’s repeat business. Oh, and it’s also a referral business. However, wait! All it takes is one bad experience to flush all of that and more down the drain for your business. So how do you keep your clients happy? Well, read further to learn about client satisfaction.

Larry Weltman Toronto is a well-trained accountant and a professional customer service representative at AccessEasyFunds. Thus, feel free to learn from him.

So you have a great business? Well, you’re going to go nowhere if you don’t know about these keys:

  • The Customer Is King

So do you remember reading those old fairy tales? Everyone kissed the king’s feet in those, sometimes literally. They treated the king with respect. Well, they had to – they would either be executed or vanished if they didn’t! If you were wondering if all of what seems rambling has a point, it does. It makes your customers crucial for your business, so be sure to treat them that way. 

Larry Weltman Toronto is successful in his career because of his ability to keep his customers satisfied and properly take care of their needs.

  1. C. Penny said, Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” You can do so by offering them special promotions and discounts on their favorite brands from time to time. It also wouldn’t hurt to send them a card on their birthday or anniversary. Your customers will feel valued and unique. They will also understand that you care about them. These types of customers tend to bring repeat and referral business!
  • It’s Five Times More Expensive To Gain One New Customer.

So, it’s five times more expensive to gain one new customer than to sell to existing ones. Make sure that you always remember that. One customer can and will bring you several hundred if not thousands of dollars of business over the lifetime of their professional relationship with your business. That’s money that you can’t afford to lose. Oh, and there’s one other thing that you should remember. Disgruntled customers will tell everyone who they know that your business is terrible. Negative advertising can cost you thousands in terms of referral business. Remember that all businesses survive with the help of referral advertising.

  • If You Make A Promise, Keep It.

So it turns out that Mom had some business acumen after all when she made you always keep your promises. Keeping promises in the business world is necessary if you’re serious about keeping customers happy. Your promises are your word and bond to your customers. You build a special relationship based on trust with your customers when you keep your promises. However, trust-based relationships are fragile. All it takes is one broken promise – no matter how small – to break the bonds that hold a trust-based relationship together and lose a customer. That’s something that you, as a business owner or manager, can’t afford to do!


Customer satisfaction is more than just a smile on your face and a statement like, “thank you for doing business with us today!” It’s a state of mind and a unique relationship that takes lots of nurturing to create and maintain. You can do this if you follow the tips mentioned above!


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