Things To Know About Air Staplers

best air staplers

Staple guns or air staplers are considered to be one of the most important tools in the arsenal of a DIY professional or enthusiast. It is said that these guns work best in situations where nail guns do not function well. Some of the best air staplers are used in various DIY applications or projects including upholstery, crafts, masonry, arts, crafts and others. One can even use this gun in holiday decorations, laying carpets, installation of house wraps, delicate mouldings. 

What Are The Types Of The Staplers You Will Need?

DIY enthusiasts and professionals can choose staple guns of different types, shapes and sizes that would offer them exceptional precision, efficiency and power. Choosing such a stapler can prove to be a tricky task as one needs to keep different key factors in mind:

  • Power Type: One can find mainly three types of air staplers in the market. These are manual, electric and pneumatic guns. Apart from manual guns, both electric guns and pneumatic guns require power sources to function properly. These are known for being more powerful and they even need air compressors to function. Electric guns are also one of the best types in the market and they are powered mainly with help of a battery or electrical outlet. By using some of these one can significantly increase their work potential.
  • Supported Size of the Stapler: There are various kinds of staplers that are needed for performing a wide range of applications. Staple lengths range from 3/8 to 1 inch or 1 inch to 2 inches. One can always choose the best air staplers that would support their needs and requirements as per the material. Remember you will have various options of staplers in front of you. Choose only the right product after analysing your need. The main purpose of using house wraps is to fasten the different joints and in the process increase the sturdiness.
  • Rating of the Gauge: The rating of the thickness of most air staplers or staple guns is mentioned on their gauge. The gauge results that are higher result in the thinner staples and lower gauge ratings result in a thicker staple. The most easily accessible air staplers that can be used for various purposes are the ones with 16, 18 and 20 gauges. The 16 gauges are most suitable for heavy-duty applications and the 20 gauge staples are useful in performing smaller applications. 

Points To Note Before You Purchase the Right Stapler

  1. Electric staple guns that have been manufactured by some of the most reputed companies in the market are used for various home renovation applications. Some of the best air staplers operated electrically have special anti-jam mechanisms. This mechanism helps the person make sure that they do not waste their precious time in any way. 
  1. A special feature of dual power level allows a person to efficiently staple materials that are either hard or soft. These staple guns are plugged into electrical sockets with help of a long cord that often measures around 8 feet. Such a long cord gives the user or professional to effectively move the air stapler from place to place without any restrictions.  
  2. Some of the best air staplers even consist of flush nose designs that help an individual to access tight spots and spaces. The presence of contour grips in these staple guns provides extra comfort and convenience while operating the tool.

Customers can always go through the various websites all over the Internet that deal with the buying and selling of the best air staplers. One of the best features of these sites is that their air staplers come with a lifetime warranty feature that starts from the date of purchase. While working with materials that have a thin and weak nature like plywood, screen sheathing or fabric these staple guns can be quite useful. 

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