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DAB boxes

Everyone in this world loves following trends. The trends keep on changing with time, but some of them are universal too that stay forever. Designing the dab boxes according to contemporary trends is a great investment a cannabis-based company can make. These boxes are as important as your dab products are. The latest packaging design trends make sure that your items do not go unobserved on the retail shelves. They create a premium product experience that encourages customer attraction and retention. The experts recommend keeping your dab packages in line with these trends because they are the impetus for achieving success in the market.

Simplistic approach:

A packaging design with a complexity factor always goes unrewarded. It is, for this reason, minimalistic designs are in trend these days. With the right blend of colors, graphics, and illustrations, they give a soothing effect to the customers’ eyes. The information perceiving capability of the audience is enhanced to the next level that elevates the position of your items on the retail shelves. In this design concept of dab packaging, the use of light colors, elegant graphical portrayals, and modest typefaces are prioritized. The customers tend to highly rate the dab items that come in such a packaging design. So, hold down your excitement of incorporating everything bold into the box design. Or, you may be destined to face customers’ backlash that you cannot afford at any cost.

Small illustrated patterns:

The illustrative patterns are more than just embellishments or decorations for your custom dab boxes. They are trendy all over the cannabis industry because they have the ability to reveal the story about the nature of items. The illustrative patterns can be both simple and intricate depending upon the ability of your target audience to process information. You do not need a picture of a cannabis leaf used to extract dab items to reveal identity about what is inside. Just decorate the boxes with a leafy pattern that is reminiscent of your cannabis-derived products. Such a design will promote the identity of your brand and items without overwhelming the audience with loads of images.

Vintage-themed unboxing:

The retro-styled dab packaging has been in trend for several years. But this time, the trend has changed a little bit, and now we can see more authentic vintage-inspired unboxing experiences. The customers in the cannabis industry are no more interested in seeing the packaging that has some generic vintage designs. They tend to incline more towards a real old-school look that takes them back to the golden childhood memories. The best thing about this packaging trend is that it is not targeted towards the clients of a specific era. It actively targets the nostalgia of different age groups. Everything ranging from the structural design to materials and artwork follows the sophisticated vintage look. Such a packaging trend promises customers that they would have the best relaxing time just like the old days while consuming organic cannabis items.

Compact all-over color:

Right across the cannabis industry, you will see the custom dab boxes designed in single colors. Make sure you choose a solid color that hints towards the organic nature of your packaged items. Mostly the green color is preferred by different cannabis brands, but it is too common. The best idea is to choose green as the base color of your boxes and print text or visuals in other colors. It will bring the right contrast to your packages and the display value of your dabs would be enhanced more.

Model leaf imagery:

Beyond solid all-over color, we see an emergence of leafy artwork, turning dab packages into a work of art. This trend has overwhelmed the cannabis industry. But according to some brands, it is a cliché because every other brand is using leafy imagery all over their packaging solutions. Various customer surveys have shown that they still like this kind of packaging design, but there should be some innovation. So, introduce some creativeness in your leafy imagery by changing the shape or color of the cannabis leaf. You can make it a bit pointier or color it according to the interest of the target audience.

Story-driven designs:

With the advent of Covid-19 and people quarantining at their homes, the minimalistic trend is losing its popularity. Cannabis consumers are now more interested in seeing the packaging designs that engage them well and communicate a funny story. Top brands are targeting to create a strong story that distinguishes them and evokes positive emotions in the target audience. They are introducing strong characters other than just logos and mascots to create a product line differentiation. These characters convey strong messages and stories that the brands do not even need to print any text on the packages.

As you can see, there are myriads of design trends for wholesale boxes that are getting widely popular across the market. All these trends are contemporary and assure your brand a distinctive reputation that it always has dreamt of. So, do not hesitate or get afraid of experimenting with your boxes with these design trends.

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