The Evolution Of News And Why You Should Read Deshrojana


The need to stay updated on the nation’s affairs and the world is something that every person strives to fulfill. As such, several news outlets have pushed forward the agenda of truth and have established themselves as a publication you can trust! Join us as we venture into the world of one such newspaper, the deshrojanaand as we discuss the rising necessity for accurate news and why that news is so important for the integrity of the nation!

What is it?

News is a method by which people are made aware of current affairs, be it local or global. It is essential for the integrity of every nation to have a consolidated source of news that portrays facts as they are, gives an honest appraisal of the situation, and reports in an unbiased manner. There are multiple channels through which news is communicated to a wider audience. These methods are –

  • Via newspaper.
  • Via social media.
  • Via websites.
  • Via official govt sources.
  • Via Television.
  • Via radio.

The old guard 

The most popular form of news media that has ever been being in the form of a newspaper. A newspaper for those not in the know is a form of print media that traditionally consists of several different pages containing various news originating from different sectors such as – sports, economy, business, politics, etc. Newspapers aim to give the reader an accurate and deep insight into current affairs and what’s going on in the world.

The evolution 

The evolution of news took place hand-in-hand with the tech revolution. As the world started to move forward with the times and things like TVs became more popular and widely available, more and more of these news outlets began to take up individual channels which became dedicated to providing round-the-clock news. This initially started with radios and slowly started to take a prominent position on tv screens across the world. This change brought in several of the most world-renowned names in journalism into the global spotlight.

Current day 

In the modern-day, the news is something that is widely accessible. Available on all types of channels, from social media to print media like magazines and newspapers, its widely accessible nature makes it so popular in the modern-day. News has adapted, from its cut and dry form of putting the facts across as they are, it has evolved into an engaging and accurate version of storytelling, wherein the facts are presented but interestingly and engagingly.

News in India 

Being the world’s largest democracy, India is a country with a variety of news and media. When we speak about local news in the northern belt, deshrojana is one of the foremost publications advocating truth and putting across the facts as they are

News has ushered in an era of enlightenment worldwide. It has created a system through which any person can know all about local and global happenings, essentially creating an environment of clear, transparent, and truthful information.

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