Is the Drchrono Good For Your Practice?


If you’re a medical billing specialist, you’ve probably heard of DrChrono Pricing. The well-known San Francisco-based company has been helping medical professionals and insurance companies in the San Francisco area with their innovative, online health insurance quotes and billing services for more than 15 years. As a result of consistently high customer satisfaction and an intuitive interface, many clients trust Drchrono pricing with their health insurance, worker’s compensation, Medicare, and private patient insurance quotes. But how does it compare to the more traditional medical billing program?

Drchrono differs from other medical billing software

One way that Drchrono differs from other medical billing software is its revenue cycle management capability. Like other leading medical billing providers, Dr. Chrono offers integrated revenue cycle management (RTCM). This includes the ability to create and update multiple quote designs while maintaining a strong compliance posture with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In short, RTCM allows your office to maintain accurate, up-to-date medical billing records electronically, so you don’t have to worry about missing claim payments or addressing claims on time. In addition, with this valuable capability, your practice can effectively reduce medical claims processing times.

pricing outperforms

Another way that DrChrono’s pricing outperforms the competition is through its wide variety of add-on features. One of the biggest draws to DrChrono pricing is its “social media” functionality, which allows your patients to share their experiences with others via a mobile app quickly. This feature allows you to connect directly with patient social media followers, providing a quick, easy method for you to receive feedback on your medical practice management software. You can also connect directly with popular social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google+.

Perhaps the most critical advantage

Perhaps the most critical advantage of Dr. Chrono’s medical billing software is that it provides a powerful mechanism for patient engagement. The ability to use the iPad or the iPhone to view your bills can substantially increase patient awareness and retention. In other words, by permitting your patients to view and respond to your billing electronically, they are far more likely to pay attention to their health. In addition, with this effort on patient engagement comes significant cost savings, as patients are far more likely to make appropriate changes, keep using the program long-term, and even Refring the to your Office friends and Family.

Process of patient engagement

How do we ensure that this process of patient engagement is effective? We do this by incorporating some user reviews into our marketing strategy. Our marketing team will not only include reviews from qualified representatives from the field but from within the industry. In addition, our marketing team will work closely with you as you create and implement your healthcare management strategy. This includes offering free training to existing and new reps, conducting focus groups with current clients, and hosting webinars and video tutorials designed to engage current and potential clients.

Look for in a good billing app?

What should we look for in a good billing app? To start with, it should be simple to use, designed for beginners, easy to update, provide accurate information in real-time, and integrate seamlessly with your existing practice management software. It should also allow the easy sharing of patient records between your primary care and delivery departments via the I Plains or I Town application. In addition, we recommend that your billing software provide automatic invoicing, in-depth integration with patient ledgers, and generate customized bar charts. Also, we recommend that your cloud-based billing app offer virtual appointment scheduling, print patient charts, and provide access to the EMR and CRM data sets for your practice.

How does the iPad or iPhone help your patients?

The iPhone and iPad allow your patients to interact with your medical service, making better-informed decisions about their healthcare. Perhaps one of the essential advantages of the iPhone is that it is virtually mobile, allowing your agents to talk directly to your patients wherever they are, at any time. By offering direct access to your health records through the I Plains or I Town application through the iTunes store, you not only increase your patient convenience but your business profitability. When deciding if the iPhone or iPad is right for you, ask yourself how your patients will benefit from your expanding digital presence. Consider what additional features you need and how quickly you can make these additions.

New patient management system

Will your new patient management system integrate seamlessly with your existing practice? Our research has found that most health providers who have chosen to implement an online or cloud-based system have been pleased with this decision. We found that integration was easiest when the system was designed as a service for the iPhone rather than designed as a stand-alone application for the iPad. We recommend that if you need a simple, straightforward, easy-to-use app with accurate and up-to-date information that can be shared with your staff, then the iPad or iPhone is the way to go.

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