The Different Types of Forklifts: A Helpful Guide

Are you considering purchasing a forklift? If so, start by learning about the different types of forklifts. You can make an informed decision if you know the most common types of forklifts and what they are used for.

A forklift can move heavy loads on a construction site, in a warehouse, or in a storage facility. There are numerous types of forklifts, each of which can serve different functions.

However, with so many different styles and types of forklifts to select from, it can be hard to determine which lift is the most appropriate for your needs and environment. Here are the most common types of forklifts you should know.

Counterbalance Forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are also known as a counterbalance forklift trucks. The name is derived from the weight on the end of the vehicle that acts as a counterweight for loads picked with the front forks.

The balancing method allows the machine to pick and move heavy loads. Counterbalance forklifts are mainly used for heavy operational purposes.

Side Loader Forklift

This type of forklift is different from the rest since its forks are on the side of the cab, not the front. Side loader forklifts are perfect for narrow aisles. There are also used to lift loads that aren’t straightforward.

Since its forks are on the side, this equipment can carry lengthy sheets of pipes, wood, and other long materials. This is why they’re commonly used in timber yards to pull sheets of wood off the storage wall.

Warehouse Forklifts

Warehouse forklift is a well-known kind of forklift. This forklift option is similar to a yellow gold cart. It is equipped with two forks at the front.

They’re used in warehouses to lift and move pallets of materials.

Industrial Forklift

This type is also known as a large-capacity forklift. The lifting capacity of an industrial forklift is higher than that of a warehouse forklift.

An industrial forklift can lift more weight much higher. Its ability is described as a mix between a warehouse forklift and a telehandler.

You’ll mostly see this type of forklift on construction sites because they are large and strong enough to carry heavy loads across long distances.

They help carry materials such as;

  • Steel joists
    • Stones
    • Drywall
    • Pallet bricks

This forklift effectively unloads items and moves them directly to the needed location.

Rough Terrain Forklift

Unlike an industrial counterbalance forklift truck, a rough terrain forklift uses pneumatic tires. This type of forklift is commonly used on uneven surfaces and outdoor construction sites.

It is unique since it can be used in either snow, mud, or ice.

It has a more powerful engine. This allows it to have a fast speed.

It is identified to be durable and dynamic. It is available in the market in different brands. You can visit this page to learn more here about other types of forklifts available in the market.

You Now Know the Different Types of Forklifts

To sum up, forklifts differ in several ways, ranging from the type of fuel and tire composition to lift capacity and height. When purchasing a forklift, it is critical to consider the working environment as well as other factors. With their ability to lift and transport objects of various shapes and sizes, forklifts play an important role on any job site that requires heavy lifting.

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