The Best Money Earning Websites to Play on in 2022


Online poker has become more and more well-liked over the years. For a variety of reasons, many gamers are signing into numerous gaming platforms in an effort to locate a few of the top money-making games in India. On several of the poker sites in India, some online poker players seek to have fun while making a little extra money, while others want to launch a full-fledged gaming career. Although it seems enjoyable, the challenging aspect of this process is locating a reliable online poker site in India that meets the needs of every poker player online that wishes to play the game. The best online money-earning websites in India that host the highest-paying games have been hand-picked by Pokerlauncher with this precise consideration in mind.

The following topics are discussed in this article:

  • Poker Websites in India that Offer the Highest-Paying Tournaments in the Country
  • Why Use Pokerlauncher to Find Games?
  • Conclusion
  • Poker Websites in India that Offer the Highest Paying Tournaments in the Country
  • PokerStars

The first site on our list is the biggest online poker game site in the world, with millions of poker enthusiast players signing up, playing, and earning big money every day. PokerStars was a site that was founded in 2001 and has grown to become the biggest poker network in the country. Even some of the best online money-making games in India are now available to online poker players thanks to PokerStars’ recently formed Indian version, which has quickly grown into a sizable online poker community. The site’s software makes it really simple for poker players to participate in cash games and tournaments without getting tilted, keeping in mind that poker is a game of strategy and skill, and the website should not cause any disturbance to players. Even some of the best poker hands have been made on this website.

Players can access significant bonuses, including a 10% Rakeback and a 100% bonus amounting to INR. 30k by using Pokerlauncher when playing on PokerStars. With customizable tables, stunning graphics, and fluid animations, the website is renowned for being among the most well-liked poker online game websites. These features keep users hooked to their chairs for a very long period of time.

  • Spartan Poker

With the initiative of becoming the finest and most well-known online poker site in India that also provides players with the top money-making games, Spartan Poker- the online poker game site, was launched in 2015.

Spartan has been a shining star amongst poker players online worldwide thanks to its efforts to produce user-friendly software, give a variety of customer care alternatives, and guarantee transaction security. Like PokerStars, Spartan Poker provides free-play alternatives so that players may test out different strategies, understand the poker card rankings, and also enhance their gameplay without having to risk any of their own money.

Additionally, Spartan poker enables players to sign up on their website and play online games for as little as Rs. 1, and they frequently run promotions and deals like up to 60% Rakeback on Pokerlauncher, which really only encourages more people to join and play free online poker.

Several events that Spartan Poker has hosted have allowed online poker players to participate and win significant sums of money.

The fact that this poker site in India is iTech Labs Certified allows players to participate without being concerned about rigged games, which helps the company in its mission to give clients the finest experience possible.

  • PokerBaazi

PokerBaazi is indeed the king of poker rewards and also a part of our list of best poker websites to game on, thanks to its generous payback scheme. Online poker players can also take advantage of the site’s rapid no deposit bonuses and 15% Rakeback bonuses, as well as this online source of income from Indian poker sites. Two of the main factors that have drawn so many players to this poker site in India are its security measures and interface layout. PokerBaazi, one of the best websites in the online poker industry, is what you get when you combine these extra elements with a solid user interface and a fluid gaming experience.

  • 9 Stacks

9Stacks is a great site for beginners and those just starting out in online poker because it offers the least valuable bets as well as the best winnings. Every table at 9Stacks has a freeroll feature, which gives players the chance to win a sizable sum of money every hour. Additionally, the website offers gamers who register and have completed the KYC process Rs. 100. Deals like these are rare, and that is why 9Stacks has become more well-known over time.

  • MPL (Mobile Premier League)

The best poker online game site for beginning players is the MPL (Mobile Premier League). It is among the websites that offer users access to the best money-making games available in India. Players can use the website’s generous cashback incentive (15 percent Rakeback) and poker signup incentive to save cash on their initial bets and play for longer periods of time with less money. Along with the advantages of joining, the website also gives users the chance to play free poker money-earning games, participate in the MPL community tournaments, and get a chance to win prizes.

  • Why Use PokerLauncher to Find Games?

Pokerlauncher is indeed the one-stop online resource for those of you enthusiastic poker gamers who are looking for the best game sites to meet your specific gaming requirements. Pokerlauncher provides players with the best offers and discounts, including Rakeback sums up to 60% of the total rake and even opportunities to win 5+Cr. Monthly, in order to meet the site’s primary goal of improving every player’s gaming experience holistically. All players need to do is register once to begin their search for the poker room that is perfect and well suited to their specific needs!

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the list of money-earning websites in India is endless, but it is important for players to choose a website that pertains to their specific needs and satisfies their quest for a happy poker gaming experience. Keep in mind that this was only a list of websites for online poker. However, there are also great websites that host other well-known card games like the call break game, blackjack, and even rummy online. The only thing that players need to be aware of is to distinguish fraudulent websites from genuine sites that let players play online poker with real money.

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