The Absolute Guide To Choose The Perfect Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring and asking the question are two extremely exciting moments in one’s life.

Picking the perfect ring is essential. It is therefore important to know the taste of your partner. Most partners will drop a hint here and there. So definitely try to catch those hints and take them with you when you choose a ring.

Possibly this is the most important jewel in a person’s life, and not precisely because of the economic value that it represents, nor because of the characteristics that make up the piece, but because by receiving this ring, it will mark a new stage in his life, the one that It comes loaded with a lot of love and that is forever.

We present a guide where you can learn a little of the most relevant information for selecting the perfect diamond Engagement Ring.

How to choose the best Diamond in your budget?

Style and quality are important when it comes to diamond rings because there is no point in choosing a beautiful design if you then choose a diamond that is of low quality. We recommend that you select the highest quality diamond for your budget and one that matches your chosen design. Things to consider are the all-important 4Cs of diamonds:

Carat – The carat weight of the diamond, the larger the carat, the heavier the diamond.

Clarity – The assessment of imperfections within and on the surface of the diamond, diamonds with the fewest defects have a higher degree of clarity.

Cut – How well the diamond is cut, proportionate, well cut diamonds give the greatest amount of sparkle.

Color – The color of the diamond ranges from clear (desirable) to a brown or yellow shade (undesirable), the color grading scale ranges from D to Z with D being considered the brightest diamond.

If you’re still not sure what to look for, take a look at our Diamond Education guide.

How much do I spend on an engagement ring?

The budget for the purchase of an engagement ring is very relative and personal. At Gemistone Jewelers offers you the possibility of proposing a price range on which you would like to work, and from this, our team will make proposals that fit your taste and the requirements that you decide to define, always respecting the brand criteria to guarantee the quality of our creations.

We want to make sure that you receive exactly what you want, so we recommend listening to your heart, and defining what design features are important to you and how much budget to spend. Without a doubt, after doing that analysis we will create the perfect ring for the person you love.

What Metal should the Engagement Ring is made of?

This decision is closely linked to the style of each person. At this point, you should consider your taste, your way of dressing, the colors you want to combine in the piece, and the relationship you want to maintain with the price of the jewel.

If the person who is going to receive the ring is a lover of classic jewelry, it is most likely that their inclination is towards the shade of yellow gold, which will always be a timeless option. On the other hand, if you like contemporary designs and your personality is more modern, you can choose to make a ring in white gold. If you are a more risky or romantic person, the rose gold option will be ideal to represent your personality and accompany the great proposal.

Our pieces are made in 950 sterling silver with 10k gold baths or 18k gold in any of its shades: yellow, white, or rose.

What is the Ideal Style for an Engagement Ring?

The style of the ring should reflect the personality of the person who is going to wear it. For this reason, we have brought a selection that allows you to evaluate different aspects and select the option that you feel the most that identifies the person who will wear this special piece. Remember that at Gemistone Jewelers we offer you a personalized service, which means that if what you have in mind does not fit into a particular style, we can design it for you and bring it to life.

What is the ideal diamond for my Engagement Ring?

The color of the diamond plays a fundamental role in the design of the ring. Many times it is linked to an astrological meaning or in other cases the ideal stone is selected according to the taste of the person who is going to use it. Whatever the reason for selecting the gemstones, this step are undoubtedly one of the most important in designing the perfect ring. The color of gemstone is like sapphire, red ruby, black diamond, green emerald, pink, aquamarine etc.

Here is the most common gemstone in the making of engagement rings. If you want to know about its meaning and the gemstones or gemstone engagement rings, we invite you to read more here; Gemstone Engagement Rings!!

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