Taj Residencia New Blue Bell Block Investment Plans

Taj Residencia New Blue Bell Block Investment Plans

The Sardar Companies of Companies is well-known in the field of real estate with a proven track record of accomplishment. One of their most significant development projects are Centaurus as well as the Taj Residencia.

The developers have chosen to construct a new block as a result of the enthusiastic response they received from the residents of Taj Residencia.

The new block is already drawing many customers. In addition, the society provides customers with a variety of investment options for buying plots.

About Blue Bell Block

The Sardar Group of Companies has created a new venture dubbed Blue Bell Block to help to expand the Taj Residencia.

The second gate of the Taj Residencia is located in The Blue Bell Block. It is situated near that of the Marigold Block. It is located near the Thaliyan Interchange The Rawalpindi Ring Road Link will provide access to the region.

It is the Blue Bell Block will be equally well-planned and constructed like any other building in the world. Investors can therefore feel secure knowing that their funds are prudently invested.

RDA has also endorsed the bluebell block and it’s been granted a NoC. Blue Bell Block’s Blue Bell Block’s primary attractions include its Tulip Block, Orchard Block, Daffodils Block, and Rose Block, are well worth highlighting and valuing.

The block also contains asphalted roads as well as parks running track, commercial areas and important mosques.

Investment Plan

The investment strategy is flexible and, so far it is the most effective. There are 5 marla-sized plots within the Blue Bell Block right now. Don’t worry, additional plot sizes available to buyers might be made available soon.

Since the 5 Marla plots have the highest well-known plot size for investors and investors, this is an excellent chance to buy an undeveloped plot on the new area that is a gem.

If you want to purchase the land you’re purchasing, you have to make a payment in the amount of 35 lakh. To reserve the land the land, a payment of 20% is required.

This means that when you make a payment of six lacs 50,000 your plot will be acquired under your name. After you’ve made the initial payment then you’ll be eligible to acquire your plot.

In the end, this Taj Residencia Installment Program is among the most appealing investment opportunities available. Because it’s a 4 year payment plan, it’s ideal for all kinds of investors.

The investment plan makes it easier to integrate the unexpected expenses or payments within your budget. This is particularly important for those who have a home and need to follow strict budgetary guidelines.

In addition, since you’re not worried about a significant financial setback, you can have more freedom to spend in the event of delayed payment plans. Here is the payment timetable:

* Category expenses are added to the total price of booking except for the General category.

* Plot type 10% cost for plots with a corner boulevard (100-foot road) or park.

*Plot Type: There is additional charges of 15% when boulevard plots are used (100 feet or higher).

* It doesn’t include the development costs.

Note that the listed prices don’t include the development costs. Additionally, properties that have frontage on a busy street or a corner, as well as parks will be charged additional fees.

Lot numbers will be assigned using an automated balloting process which will commence immediately after the reservation has ended.


If you are looking to buy an apartment on a premium block that is adorned with luxury living features such as the Blue Bell Block can be an excellent option.

But, as this Blue Bell Block becomes more popular, the prices of plots are likely to increase. This is why it is suggested to plan in advance to invest in your property. Do not hesitate to reach out to Sigma Properties for further information.

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