Sony Alpha a6500 Best Point and shoot film Camera

Best point and shoot film Camera
The Best Point and shoot film camera α6500 is a compact APS-C interchangeable-lens camera that captures professional-quality photos and movies. Expand your possibilities with an advanced burst buffer of up to 307 frames, built-in 5-axis OIS, touchscreen, high-speed autofocus and high-density AF tracking technology. Why choose this model Point and shoot film camera.? 1. Image quality

24.2 Megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor

The α6500 is equipped with an APS-C sensor with approximately 24.2 million effective pixels, copper wiring and a thinner layer of transistors. Using copper instead of aluminum reduces heat and increases the load on the sensor, resulting in low noise at high sensitivities (up to ISO 51200) and the ability to record 4K video with per-pixel readout, without gaps or pixel binning. The thinner transistor architecture reduces the gap between the light-collecting lenses and the photodiodes, allowing greater light collection, especially for oblique beams. Improved imaging system Enhanced processing quality is provided by the use of LSI (Large Scale Integration) technology, which further enhances the capabilities of the BIONZ X processor. More sophisticated image processing algorithms improve texture reproduction and image clarity while reducing noise, especially in the sensitivity range from medium to high.

Integrated 5-axis image stabilization

The α6500 compensates for five types of shake to capture crisp photos and movies even in challenging conditions. The new high-precision gyroscope stabilizes the image as if using a shutter speed 5 stops faster. You can confidently zoom in on distant subjects, capture detailed close-ups and night scenes – all with minimal blur from camera shake.

2. Extremely fast focusing

425-point phase-detection AF with high-density AF tracking technology The α6500 has 425 focal-plane phase-detection AF points and wide coverage. This ensures accurate, efficient, and stable focusing on subjects across the entire frame. Also, High-density Tracking AF technology effectively activates focus points and accurately tracks moving subjects in the frame. Phase focus points on the sensor work with Sony A lenses using the LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 adapters. Fast Hybrid AF for stills and movies The α6500 digital film Camera for youtube, is equipped with an extremely fast autofocus system, with just 0.05 seconds to achieve sharpness. This speed is achieved through a combination of Fast Hybrid AF performance, the high efficiency of the BIONZ X image processor and precise information processing. The system works in both photo and video modes.

Eye AF (AF-C compatible)

When shooting with a fast lens and wide aperture, turn on the eye focusing function – and all portraits will be 100% on target. This function also works in AF-C mode, so the system does not lose the subject even if it starts to move.

Lock-On AF

This function allows you to automatically maintain focus on a moving subject, even if it periodically leaves the frame or is obstructed by obstacles. Just move the focusing frame over the subject to be tracked, the camera will recognize it and resume autofocusing when the subject returns to the frame. 11fps continuous shooting (Hi +) and 8fps continuous shooting (Hi) in live view Autofocus with a larger area of ​​the image Autofocus can now be used in zoom in and out mode. This will be useful, for example, for fine-tuning the focus during macro photography or when shooting portraits with a shallow depth of field.

3. Fast and quiet shooting

Large memory buffer for up to 307 images in burst mode (JPEG Fine) Silent Shooting In Silent mode, the shutter is silently released even during continuous shooting at up to 3 fps with AF / AE tracking. This useful feature comes in handy for wildlife photography, concerts and theatrical performances, and other situations where silence is important. To enable and disable this mode faster, assign it to a separate button. Touch-sensitive focus control without leaving the viewfinder Touch focus will appeal to any operator – to focus on a specific point, just touch it on the LCD screen. By sliding your finger across the touch panel, you can smoothly move the focus point in the frame without even leaving the viewfinder.

4. Ease of Use

XGA OLED Tru-Finder The α6500 features an XGA OLED Tru-Finder for high contrast, resolution and visibility. It accurately reproduces dark areas and colors, and enables effective subject tracking. A high refresh rate of 120 or 100 Hz (NTSC / PAL) is supported, which further brings the image closer to the image from the optical viewfinder. New shutter: low vibration and 200,000 actuation The The new design provides less blurring from vibration and has a very quiet and durable shutter, rated for over 200,000 releases22. For these purposes, a trigger mechanism at the end of the rear bolt path is used, as well as an elastic material that dampens shocks. Reducing vibration also has a beneficial effect on sensor resolution.

New metering modes

In addition to multi-segment, center-weighted and spot, the camera is also equipped with a new exposure mode – by the brightest area in the frame, which avoids overexposure and the associated loss of information. The camera also allows you to use averaged metering over the entire area of ​​the frame to ensure uniform exposure under changing lighting conditions. In addition, precise metering can be linked to a selected AF point or group of AF points. Finally, you can calibrate the baseline for AE to +/- 1 EV in 1/6-stop increments, for example, to eliminate even minor discrepancies when using lenses with different actual transmittance (T) when shooting video. Possible independent adjustment for each metering mode).

Setting Priority for White Balance

  When Auto White Balance is on and the light source is tungsten or similar, you can select one of three color tone priorities: Standard, White, or Ambient Light. Ambient lighting provides a warmer tone, whites create neutral-accurate whites. The new menu interface makes it easier to find The redesigned menu introduces a new categorization scheme. The name of the selected group is now displayed at the top of the screen, and each tab has its own color. This allows you to quickly navigate menus and change settings even while shooting. Digital film Camera File name settings By default, all filenames start with DSC, but the camera can change the first three characters to anything else. This makes file management easier, especially when multiple cameras are used for shooting.  

One-touch remote control from mobile devices

The one-touch remote control function allows you to use your smartphone as a viewfinder / remote control. And with one-touch sharing, you can transfer pictures and videos to another device and share them on social networks. To do this, simply install the PlayMemories Mobile app via Wi-Fi on your NFC-enabled Android device, and then simply tap it to the camera to connect. No NFC? No big deal, the new QR code reader also allows you to set up pairing between devices in a couple of seconds. Improved remote control of the camera from a PC If the camera is connected to a computer, you can remotely control it and change its settings. In this case, photos can be saved both on the camera and on a computer, which allows you to view images without being distracted from shooting. Now only JPEG files can be transferred to a computer (previously, RAW files were transferred from JPEG). This allows you to reduce the amount of data stored and start viewing images faster. Advanced functionality with PlayMemories digital film Camera Apps With PlayMemories Camera Apps, you can add new features to your camera and open up new possibilities for creative photography. Try time-lapse photography and video creation apps (Time Lapse Shot), Smart Remote Control from your smartphone or tablet (Smart Remote Control), and experience high dynamic range shooting with HDR Sky. You should also pay attention to the “Star Trail”, “Smooth Reflection”, “Pretouch video” and other applications. Service availability varies by region.

Receiving geolocation data via Bluetooth

The energy-saving Bluetooth protocol allows the camera to constantly receive location information from a smartphone or tablet and not drain the battery of both devices too much (compared to Wi-Fi pairing). 5. Excellent video recording video 4K function 4K-video Super 35mm format with complete data reading and oversampling (without skipping or ligament adjacent pixels) allows the camera to collect about 2.4 times more information in comparison with the standard requirements for recording 4K (QFHD: 3840 × 2160). The power of the processor allows the camera to compress 6K up to 4K on the fly for superior resolution.

Slow and fast shooting

The digital film camera has a 5x slowdown (120 fps) and 60x acceleration in high quality (Full HD) mode with a 50 Mbps bitrate. Eight-speed modes are available, ranging from 1 to 120 fps. Movies shot with slow motion and fast motion effects can be played back immediately without post-processing on a PC. The Sony XAVC S format with 50 and 100 Mbps (Full HD / 4K) is excellent for reproducing all picture details with minimal compression artifacts.

Shooting with S-Gamut / S-Log profiles

Shooting with S-Gamut and S-Log gamma profiles allows you to apply a color correction in post-processing. S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma profiles provide an expanded dynamic range (up to 1300%), which can help reduce the chance of underexposure and overexposure when shooting movies. The α6500 features an impressive 14-stop S-Log3 gamma profile adjustment range. The point and shoot film camera also support S-Gamut, S-Gamut3, and S-Gamut3 profiles. Cine from Sony. * S-Log2 and S-Log3 profiles are for photo processing.

Gamma Display and Zebra Function

Displaying gamma data allows images to be viewed with natural contrast levels even in S-Log gamma mode. This is achieved by converting S-Log2 and S-Log3 profiles to ITU709 (800%) for previewing images and checking focus while magnifying the image on the LCD monitor or viewfinder. What’s more, the Zebra function makes it easy to control exposure, especially when shooting with an S-Log gamma profile. Select the video output level from 0% to 109% and adjust the acceptable range from + 10% to -10%, then the overexposed and underexposed areas of the image for the specified range will be shown with hatching. Connectivity The camera supports line-in audio recording with professional audio recorders and high quality XLR microphones that can be connected using an XLR adapter (XLR-K2M / XLR-K1M, sold separately). The camera also supports pure HDMI output, allowing 4K and Full HD video to be streamed to external recorders and monitors without compression. 6. Robust case. The α6500 point and shoot film camera is protected against dust and moisture: all buttons, switches and dials, as well as components such as the LCD monitor, viewfinder and lens mount, are sealed to keep out dust and moisture (however, the camera is not waterproof, not recommended for use under rain and even more immersion in water). The frame of the camera is made of durable and lightweight magnesium alloy, which ensures durability and allows you to mount even massive long lenses.

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