Shipping Boxes Play An Imperative Role In Product Safety


The packaging gives protection, durability, and strength to packed goods that are needed during their transportation. Irrespective of the size, as well as nature of any business, packing and shipping products can be challenging for many reasons. It is necessary to choose the right kind, size, shape, and material for your product to be delivered. It can lead to disastrous results if you do not choose or work with the appropriate box, implying that the clients end up having a not-so-pleasant experience after receiving and opening their order. Keep in mind that the delivery you made through your shipping boxes delivers the first impression to your valuable customers, and disappointing them at this time might lead to losing them at all. A mismanaged shipping process can also prove costly to your business, and it will have to bear unnecessary costs.

Shipping Boxes and Their Features

1.    Purpose:

The purpose of shipping boxes is to house and safely enclose the bulky packages a business has to deliver and deal with the heaviest loads that need to be shipped. They are made from durable material, I.e., sustainable and sturdy corrugated cardboard that secures your client orders.

Along with that, the box is an opportunity to communicate with your clients, so keep your brand’s theme in mind while sending off these shipping boxes and adorn them with the desired information. Customize each box with recipients’ detail and what will interest them so that they are glad and surprised when they receive their package.

2.    Easy, quick, and hassle-free assembly:

The boxes are made in a way that allows quick and easy assembly. They are pre-glued so that they can be easily set up when needed for use. They usually require folding down the flaps in the middle and then sealing the base with tape or adhesive. They are prepared with tough, sustainable cardboard material to keep your packed items safe during travel.  The type of box to be used depends upon the kind of luggage to be transferred. Different kinds of boxes include:

  • Apparel and clothing shipping boxes
  • Bulk delivery boxes for items of different sizes and shapes
  • Grocery, food, and product shipping boxes. Perishable items such as food and grocery require additional care while handling and shipping

3.    Available in different materials:

There are various kinds of materials in which shipping boxes are available.  They can have the company’s full-color logo print, design on any of the corrugated cardboard material options.

  • Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
    • Widely used and economical
    • Made of strong, sustainable material
    • No additional packaging is required to mail
  • Premium White Corrugated Cardboard
  • It offers a smooth and soft surface giving a luxurious feel
  • White form inside and outside. Its flute is prepared from brown kraft material
  • Ideal for boxes that have large unprinted surfaces or require inside printing
  • Brown Kraft Corrugated Cardboard
  • Raw and natural-looking rustic brown colored kraft cardboard
  • Flute, exterior, and interior are all made of brown kraft
  • Recommended for brands endorsing natural ingredients and products

Type of Shipping Boxes

Depending upon the type and nature of luggage to be transferred, there are different kinds of shipping boxes.

·         Corrugated Boxes:

Ridged or corrugated boxes go well with the mailing necessities of different courier service companies. They come in numerous sizes as well as styles that include: tuck tops, tab lock closure, two-piece boxes, etc. most used colors are white, plain brown kraft, or others.

·         Mailing Tubes:

Things that cannot be folded to keep them intact and safe, like posters, documents, maps, and other papers, are sent to users via mailing tubes. Spiral wound chipboard is one of them. It is stiff and sturdy enough to keep itself intact during shipping. Square poster-size and triangular shipping boxes are also there to be used according to need. They are of good capacity and hold during jolts and jerks.

·         Specialty Boxes:

In addition to the conventionally used corrugated shipping boxes, there is a treasure chest style box, pillow style box, file box, and many other made especially for specific occasions. They serve both as a storage container and gift box.

·         Tuck Top Corrugated Boxes:

Tuck or Fold top corrugated boxes are among the most sustainable and secure shipping boxes out there. They come in a range of styles and sizes. They are transported in die-cut leveled sheets.  To get double or triple the thickness, they are folded to get thicker walls and then covered with a tabbed lid that fits nicely inside the box itself hence making it suitable not only for shipping but for reuse later.

·         Miscellaneous Shipping Boxes:

Shipping items that are too fragile or have unconventional dimensions are shipped by customized shipping boxes made specifically for that particular item. They are also wrapped in kraft paper or shrink-wrap to give extra protection. Colored corrugated boxes can also be arranged with multicolor tissue papers that allow an attractive way of packaging.

·         Environment-friendly boxes:

Eco-friendly box options are there to provide an environmentally safe way to parcel packaged goods. These are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. They help businesses meet their social responsibilities and do not leave any harmful impact on the environment with shipping procedures.

·         Export pallet boxes:

As we very well understand that boxes that need to be shipped must be sturdy and durable. Compromising on their quality will only lead to broken or damaged goods being delivered to the destination. And obviously, it will lead to dissatisfied customers and loss of sales. Export and pallet boxes are built to last longer and are fairly priced. These are designed keeping in mind the special issues packaged goods can face during shipping overseas. Bangs, bumps, scrapes, and minor collisions are bound to happen during transit. A business cannot afford to leave its shipments vulnerable to these conditions; therefore, make necessary boxing arrangements for such items to be delivered through air, sea, or road. And pallet shipping boxes are the best choice to utilize in this regard.

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