Rescue your wet phone using silica gel

silica gel

First of all, we must know what silica gel is: It is a shapeless and absorbent form of silicon dioxide comprising an asymmetrical three-dimensional substructure of substitute silicon and oxygen taints with nanometer-scale gap and pores. Its molar mass is 60.08g/moll, and this silica gel was transparent beads.

Nowadays, silica gel is playing a great role by protecting objects from getting damaged. Silica gel is a desiccant which means it dries the air around it by absorbing the water content and moisture. You re probably come across silica gel in small crystalline packets saying that “DON’T EAT” people often ship them with garments, electronic items and even nutrients silica gel manufacturers include silica gel with the bundle to avoid the creation up of damaging moisture in closed packages. 

1.Where silica is obtained: The low priced way to get hold of silica gel packets is to start collecting the packets when they turn up with other materials you purchase. You often get them with electronic garments and food products. Suppose you need silica gel faster than that, which is highly likely if you got your phone wet. You can get silica gel from amazon, flip kart, or any online shopping platform, or you can also buy it from general stores.

2.How to use silica gel to dry the wet phone: For the best and fast result, follow the steps below to unfasten as much solid as possible from your wet phone before keeping that in a container with silica gel packets. The most vital thing is to exercise patience. Suppose you switch on your device before it fully dry. You could cause irreparable damage. That’s why don’t panic and be silent.

3.Place the device with silica gel packets: Take a container in which the device will place. After that, add some silica get packets and then tighten the container with the cover. The next step put your phone in an airtight container with many packets of silica gel desiccants. You can use a lunch box, an airtight plastic bag or a buffet pot for this. Don’t open the silica gel packets. If you bought loose silica gel morsels, swathe your gadget in a paper cloth to keep them from getting insert in any ports. You need to use adequate silica get to absorb all the water content inside your device. It is impossible to say exactly how much silica gel is needed, but if you’re superior to using silica gel too much, then not enough to determine the exact quantity.

4.Don’t touch your phone for not less than two days: After all these steps repairing part starts. After sealing away, your wet phone with silica gel pockets. You need to leave it alone to dry for at least two days. More advisable even longer. If you turn on your device to test it before it’s completely dry, you might cause irreparable damage to the components inside. Just leave it alone instead.

5.Things to be remembered if in case your phone get in contact with water:-

*Don’t power on the phone.

*Don’t put it in charge.

*Remove the sim card as fast as possible.

*Drain out all the access water.

*use desiccants like (uncooked rice and silica).

* Detach all the accessories that may be on your phone (like charger, phone cover).

In this way, there are many ways to dry a wet phone. Still, the most suitable way to dry a phone is by using silica gel because many people prove these. These silica gels cost more than other moisture. Still, it is one of the most effective moisture absorbents than any other absorbent. It can dry the moisture within some time and clears the bad odour as well.

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