Read Your future with Cartomancy

Read Your future with Cartomancy

Cartomancy is the art of fortune telling using cartomancy cards. These are special decks of cards that have been made specifically for cartomancy, meaning they are not standard playing cards you would use to play poker or other games.

The cartomancy deck will typically include all 78 cards in a traditional tarot set, plus several additional cards with different meanings.

Cartomancy cards are most commonly used to predict the future, most often by asking direct yes/no questions about specific situations or events. Before cartomancy cards were invented, cartomancers would use standard playing cards instead.

This is why cartomancy decks still include some regular playing card suit symbols on them – cartomancers may use them to determine if their cartomancy readings are accurate.

Cartomancy readings can be done in several different ways, but the most common method involves cartomancer shuffling the cartomancy deck of cards, then laying them down on a special cartomancy table or cartomancy cloth that has been placed on a surface that is easy to clean.

The cartomancer will then interpret the cartomancy cards in several different ways, including number sequences, symbols on each card, and which direction the cartomancy cards are pointing while laying out on the cartomancy table or cartomancy cloth.

The cartomancer may choose to give their cartomancy reading to the cartomancer’s client in written form.

This allows cartomancers to reuse cartomancy cards for readings with other clients, since cartomancy decks (even cartomancy decks that are customized for cartomancer use) will typically be used by an individual cartomancer several times before they become unreadable due to cartomancy card markings or cartomancy card images being worn off.

Cartomancers can then reuse cartomancy decks that have been written in by previous cartomancers, though they may need to purchase cartomancy decals or cartomancy stickers separately in order to mark the cartomancy cards with different symbols if needed.

One cartomancy cartomancer states that cartomancy is “a collection of art forms”, and cartomancers may use cartomancy cards to tell your future for spiritual development, entertainment, or even academic purposes.

Cartomancers can give cartomancy readings both in person and online. Online cartomancy sites typically allow cartomancers to offer cartomancy readings for free, while some cartomancers may charge a fee.

It is essential to research cartomancers before you choose one, and be sure to check their credentials on cartomancy websites or ask your local cartomancy shop (if there is one in your area) about cartomancers who they can vouch for.

It is also important that cartomancers understand your local laws regarding cartomancy readings, as cartomancers who offer cartomancy readings illegally may lose their cartomancy license.

Once you have found a cartomancer you would like to give a cartomancy reading, go ahead and ask them if they can read your future with cartomancy.

Most cartomancers should be able to help you, as cartomancy readings have been around for centuries and have been a part of many different cultures throughout history.

Cartomancy readings can help you learn more about your future and how the cartomancy cards relate to what is going on in your life now. Cartomancy readings can also be a great way to entertain yourself and your friends.

In order to receive cartomancy card images from cartomancers, you must first purchase your own cartomancy deck of cards or contact a cartomancer directly.

The cartomancer will then take their time to read the cartomancy cards and send you the cartomancy card images.

You can then use cartomancy cards to entertain yourself and your family, learn more about your future, or even give cartomancy readings to friends.


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