The Simple Formula for Beginners and Pros Of Success In Stretching


How many of you are food lovers, be honest in it? Well, finding foodies around us is not a difficult task. You might be thinking about what food has to do with stretching. We are discussing food to highlight the importance of stretching. You’re becoming puzzled at this point. Allow me to simplify things for you. When we go to a restaurant we always start with an appetizer. In terms of exercise, warm-up acts as your appetizer. After the appetizer waiter serves you the main course at a restaurant. So, the main course in exercise is the strength-based workout you perform. In the end, you love to have dessert. The desert in a workout is the stretching after it.

Different workouts of Gyms in South London are not designed only to focus on weight loss. They also help to move to the next level of fitness in their lives. The process of getting to the next level involves all of the following:

  • Getting awareness of best nutrition
  • More mobility
  • Specific goal setting in life
  • Overcoming various fears

Right now, we are going to cover the stretching formula of beginners and pros.

Stretching Routine for Beginners:

  • Raise your hand above and stretch your body to its full extent.
  • Now bend forward to stretch for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, make sure to keep your legs straight.
  • Stretch arms towards both sides at least for 10 seconds.
  • Again, bend yourself forward for stretching.
  • Now, you have to squat down and for this put your legs closer to your chest tightly.
  • Roll towards the back and move knees upwards. Hug them tightly with your chest.
  • Kneel and, with the support of your arms, keep your back stretched. Stretch your arm and shoulders.
  • Put body weight on the ground with the help of stands. After getting into this position, stretch your lower back. Almost 3-5 times repeat the stretching of the lower back.
  • Sit on the ground and put bottoms of feet together. After doing so, lean forward for stretching. It is better to give it repetition 2-3 times.

Beginners can perform it after their main course of a workout. Moreover, it is best to practice on off days from Gyms South London. This is very much in your favor if you give your best to stick with this routine. The biggest benefit of it is long term mobility and flexibility.

Stretching Routine for Pros:

  • By sitting on the floor, hug your legs tightly. For at least 10 seconds, hold this position.
  • Lay down by keeping both shoulders on the ground. Move tuck knee roll for 5 times on each side.
  • By keeping the same position, move on leg tuck 5 times to each side.
  • While keeping shoulders on the ground, swim legs 5 times on each side.
  • Roll over yourself in the backward position. The feet must touch the ground while doing a rollover.
  • After rollover extends and touch toes. Hold yourself in this position almost for 3 seconds.
  • Repeat the rollover process, but spread and stretch legs for 3 seconds.
  • Perform rollover with stretched and straight legs for 5 times each.
  • Spread legs and stretch on each side at least for 3-5 seconds.
  • Then comes butterfly stretch, do it 5 times while holding for 5 seconds.
  • Now stand up and separate your legs. Place your hands on the ground.
  • With the help of hands back and forward for 5 times.
  • Practice split on each side of the body. For 5 seconds, keep your body in a split position.
  • Get yourself on your knees and sit on the heels. Move your hands away from the body for stretching. Hold this position for almost 5 seconds.
  • Drop shoulders on the ground and hold this position for 3 sec. This method must be repeated 5 times for each shoulder.
  • Now, repeat the sit backstretch from sliding through to the back extension.
  • Hold your butts in the air and get yourself in a dog position. Keep legs straight and walk your hands towards the feet.

Stretch Before or After Workout:

This is the most important that rise in the mind of every fitness-conscious individual. The science about is pretty simple which is “Stretch after a workout.” Let’s see how science proves this fact.

  • There are no strong benefits found in any study against stretching before a workout at Gyms South London.
  • The chance of injury doesn’t reduce from static stretching.
  • You lose your potential for gaining strength and improved performance because of static stretching.
  • Stretching after a workout warms up muscles and reduces the risk of injury.

Final Words!

This is clear that stretching is important after doing a workout at Meridian Fitness. The importance of stretching in a fitness routine is also clear so far. This article has explained all the simple formulas of stretching for beginners and pros. Now, techniques of stretching are no more mystery for any fitness lover.


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