Plan to Visit the city of Colombia


Are you planning to visit the gem of South America, Colombia? Then do read this article and come to this city which has something for every traveler.

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Medellin is the second-biggest city of Colombia that was once measured the most dangerous in the world. There are tons of imaginative civil projects undergoing and because of this and the will and resilience of local residents, the city has emerged from its spectral past to become one of the finest places to visit in Colombia. This city is located in a rich and fertile part of Colombia and is responsible for producing much of the country’s coffee, fruit, and flowers.

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The port city of Cartagena is one of the best places in Colombia that was founded in 1533. The city is famous for its vibrant architecture and culture, and several parts of Cartagena have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. This city because of its location on the Caribbean coast offers multiple serene views and has a unique feel. Come to this city to enjoy easy access to beaches, islands, and jungle trekking. This city itself is divided into three neighborhoods: Getsemani, the famous San Sebastian, and Santa Catalina. At Santa Catalina, you will find the iconic cathedral and many of the most recognizable streets and buildings.

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Bogota is the Spaniards founded by the Santa Fe de Bogota in 1538 at a breathtaking 2,600m altitude. The famous city is nestled at the foot of green mountains, which is nowadays a bustling city and houses more than eight million people. Drop into this city to get the best overview of the colonial old town, the famous business district, and the outskirts stretching far to the horizon. Enjoy the cable car service to the top of Cerro Monserrate (3,200m). Explore all the tuning historic buildings lining the narrow streets of the old town, Barrio Del Candelaria.

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Drop into the city of Cali which is best known by outsiders as the former home of the infamous Cali Cartel. This city may be skipped by many travelers without knowing this Colombian city that is famous for something else as well. Visit this city to watch and learn how to salsa dance, because this city Cali is considered the world capital of salsa. Spend some days or weekends in this city to have some salsa lessons in the afternoon and practice at night at local haunts such as Tin Tin Deo.

Guys, you will surely enjoy your trip to this marvelous city. So, pack your bags and grab the Cheap Copa Airlines Flights to step into this city.


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