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Gold is, without a doubt, one of the wisest investments in the jewellery industry. Gold is associated with luxury and class, as well as financial stability.  Due to the high demand for gold, several online jewellery stores have claimed to be sealing the purest gold 24k.

If it is your first time shopping for 24k gold jewellery, you ought to be careful as you can get conned. But worry not. That is where we come in to enlighten you on what to look out for when shopping 24k gold jewellery for women online and where to buy it.

24K gold jewellery is the most expensive for women as they are made using pure gold; thus, you need to know what to look out for when buying from a gold jeweler in Singapore. 

What to look out for when shopping for 24k gold jewellery online

There are hundreds of online stores claiming to sell 24k gold jewellery for women in Singapore. But how do you tell the jewellery is made using 24k gold? How do you know you are dealing with the legit store? All these, among other questions, will be answered in this section, where we look at factors to look out for when shopping for 24k gold jewellery online. 

Know the Purity of Gold

Gold’s price is largely determined by its purity (measured in karats). You’ve probably heard of 24-karat gold. They are the purest form of gold, with 24 parts per thousand, hence the name 24k Gold. Essentially, 24 karat gold is 99.9% pure gold, but jewelers rarely use it because it is too soft.

So, for a gold jewellery for women like bracelets, gold bangles, and gold chains, alloys (or combinations of gold with other metals) tend to strengthen the overall metal content, so 22kt (91.67 percent pure gold) and 18kt (75 percent pure gold) is best.

Check out Certification and Hallmarks

When shopping for 24k gold online, insist on the hallmark as it proves the precious metal’s purported purity. Every time insist on this mark and double-check that it corresponds to the item’s description. In most cases, the hallmark is either the karatage or the percentage of gold purity engraved on the gold jewellery inconspicuous parts.

Other marks engraved in the piece include the year of marking, the jeweler’s mark, the purity code, and the testing center’s mark, in addition to the standard hallmark.

Familiarize with Language of Gold Jewellery

So, you’ve decided on an online store and have a basic understanding of gold purity. However, you still have trouble wading through the jargon in item descriptions. So, before you make any further decisions, you should familiarize yourself with these terms.

Gold plated jewellery, for example, differs from gold-filled jewellery. A thin layer of gold is plated on top of another base metal in gold plated jewellery.

Gold plated items are less expensive, but they will tarnish over time and reveal the base metal. Other types of gold plating, such as vermeil, have specific base metals; sterling silver, for example, is the base metal. They’re best for people who are nickel-allergic.

On the other hand, Gold-filled jewellery is made up of gold and a small percentage of metal alloys to extend the life of the piece.

Check For Warranty and Return Policies

When trying to make a high-risk investment like buying gold jewellery online, the online retailer must provide a warranty. This may increase the price of your product, but it is well worth the investment.

Companies frequently improve the color of what they sell online, and you may not receive what you see on the website. This is the point at which the return policy is established.

 Most online jewelers provide returns and money-back guarantees for a few days. However, not all online sellers will offer this option, so double-check what the company says regarding returns.

Avoid Chain Stores

You may live just a few meters from your preferred jewellery store, but I doubt you’ll shop there if you knew most of them to have markups of up to 700%!

That’s absurd, especially when you consider that online retailers and small vendors are selling the same gold piece for less money. You should also be cautious about stooping too low. Sometimes online retailers may not follow through on their promises.

Look Out For Deals 

The best part about shopping online is that you can get regular discounts and flash sales. Any online jewellery singapore shop, in general, has several sales throughout the year. Aside from public holidays and Black Fridays, you can get great deals on gold jewellery singapore when shopping online.

However, not all discounts are appropriate for you. They may only apply to certain products, or the “discount” may be very small. Compare these offers with those offered by other online vendors and pay attention to the finer points, so you don’t become a target.

Online jewellery stores that sell 24K gold jewellery

When it comes to buying gold jewellery, going online jeweler Singapore has its advantages, especially when compared to local stores. Large inventories range from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, gold rings, and whatever else you’re looking for. You’ll have a better chance of getting what you want.

Remember that online jewelers are aware that people prefer to touch and feel expensive items before purchasing them. Nonetheless, they use special camera technology and additional certification to persuade people to buy something they haven’t seen.

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