Nightstand Buying Guide 2022

A bedside table is critical bedroom furniture that provides fashion and capability at your bedside. These nightstands serve a lot of purposes, which include supplying handy storage inside attain of your bed and bringing stability to your room arrangement. With the sort of styles and capabilities available, you are positive to discover a nightstand that meets all of your needs. Here are a few critical attributes to don’t forget to help you decide on the cheap nightstands to complement your bedroom.


Find a nightstand this is as excessive because of the top of the bed for a regular appearance and usable floor. For beds with mattresses or excessive bases, discover a taller bedside desk healthy. An understated bedside table might appear higher with a shorter bed. Position the nightstand some inches from the threshold of the bed to allow room for blankets and sheets to hang over the threshold of the bed to save you unintentional bumps whilst sleeping on the threshold.


Surface Area

The top of the nightstand needs to have a sufficient area for a lamp, alarm clock, and something else you want. If your bedside table tends to build up a whole lot of objects, select one which has sufficient floor place on top. You can store the area to your bedside desk for necessities with the aid of using shifting framed photos to the wall, swapping table lamps for sconces, and setting different objects in the nightstand’s drawers.


Storage Space

A bedside desk with drawers or shelves offers you an area to save all of your bedside necessities. Choose a nightstand with a couple of drawers or doors to hold all of your saved objects out of sight, or select a nightstand with open shelves to show a stack of books or a basket of free objects. If you do not want a whole lot of bedside storage, there are extra stylish alternatives with one or no drawers and an open structure.



The material of your bedside desk may have a big effect on the fashion and experience of your bedroom. Natural wood bedside tables paired with noble brass or iron hardware elevate a conventional bedroom, whilst bedside tables with polished steel or glass accents upload an extra present-day experience. If you propose to apply it to support a heavy lamp or save bulky objects, select a sturdier, extra-balanced bedside table.



Adjust the color of the nightstand with the color palette of the room, however, keep in mind that light colors absorb light and dark colors. White, steel or glass bedside tables help to make the bedroom look lighter, while black or cherry bedside tables are a delicious addition and can add color to a stunning room.


Matching pieces

One clear way to create a uniform look for your bedroom is to purchase a nightstand as part of the bedroom set. This will allow you to create the perfect match between the nightstands, the beds, the dressers, and the different bedroom furniture. If you want to combine different furniture and make it healthier, the use of extra nightstands will help preserve the general appearance.


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