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medicine to increase sperm count

Infertility can be caused by a male partner too, and it is generally caused because of the low sperm count in semen or azoospermia. Almost 1 out of 7 couples cannot conceive successfully even after having unprotected sex for a year. And half of them result from male infertility. Although male infertility results from low sperm production or abnormal sperm blockages, still, all in all, a lot of other injuries, chronic health issues and lifestyle choices can lead to male infertility. But, with medical advancement, now there is hope to get back your masculinity. Order your pack of medicine to increase sperm count from

Low sperm count can cause infertility. Before its ruin your marriage, order medicine to increase sperm count now

Online Medicines To Increase Sperm Count, is one of the best online portals which deals with men’s sexual health. All the medicines and treatments to increase sperm counts which the portal provides are scientifically proven and FDA approved. The portal is also providing effective solutions to increase the sperm count. Fertility booster pack and Oh man herb mixed tablets are some of the treatments which do not require a medical prescription. While Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator requires a medical prescription to use. Ohman portal delivers your medicines at your doorsteps in the given timeline.

Fertility booster pack to increase sperm count in men’s semen

This is a pack which is for men who have low sperm count, and can’t conceive a baby. The pack lasts for 30 days and doesn’t require a medical prescription to buy it. This contains an instruction card, plant-based medicines and reproductive health supplements. The pack costs 2,699 INR.

Fertility booster pack to increase sperm count in men's

Oh! Man Herb mix tablet- the natural way to increase sperm count

These are health supplements for performance-enhancing capabilities. All the herb made medicines are effective in general and overall health. It is a blend of more than 7 supplements together. The medicine comes for 425 INR, and one doesn’t require a medical prescription to buy it. One should take 3 capsules daily with every meal.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator- Best medicine to increase sperm count

A lot of men have low sperm count due to low estrogen levels. To help this problem, a low selective estrogen modulator can be used to help in male infertility. 1 strip of this medicine contains 5 capsules. One gets one free medical consultation with this. A medical prescription is required to buy this medicine. This medicine costs 550 INR.

Symptoms and Causes of Low Sperm Counts-

Couples go through a lot of stress and frustration when they can’t conceive normally, hence it affects their relationships. But with the help of guided meditations by an andrologist; male infertility can be cured. Although, there are no specific and obvious signs to show low sperm counts; underlying diseases such as hormonal imbalances, inherited disorders, dilated veins around testicles can show male infertility.

Not much, visible symptoms can show signs of male infertility in men. While male infertility is a highly complex process, several factors which may be medical, environmental or lifestyle causes can lead to the most prominent sexual issue among men in India. Azoospermia is a medical term used to address low or no sperm count in men.

Symptoms of Low sperm counts –

The main and the most obvious sign is the inability to conceive a child. There may or may not be any other signs and symptoms showing male low sperm. Some of the other signs are-

a) Problem in sexual function- difficulty in ejaculation or (Ed problem), decreased sexual desires (low testosterone), or difficulty in keeping the erections (early ejaculation)

b) Respiratory problems, or inability to smell

c) Pain or swelling around the testicles area.

d) Abnormal breast growth

e) Low sperm count than the normal count(Azoospermia).

Causes of Low Sperm Count –

Medical causes-

A lot of underlying diseases can lead to low sperm count Even some past medical treatments can also lead to male azoospermia. Some of the medical causes are as follows-

a) Tumorous- cancerous and non-cancerous tumours can both affect the male reproduction hormones. In a few cases, the radiation and the surgeries can also lead to male infertility.

b) Ejaculation issues- Various issues such as retrograde issues occur when during orgasm the sperm enters the bladder, rather than to the tip of the penis. This can be an outcome of diabetes, spinal injuries or other surgeries.

c) Infections- A lot of infections can interfere in sperm production, which can cause blockages in the passage of sperm. Some sexually transmitted issues like HIV can lead to permanent testicular damage.

d) Sexual intercourse problems- Problems in keeping erections, premature ejaculation or severe pain during intercourse can also lead to male infertility.

e) Hormonal imbalances- Low testosterone productions can lead to male infertility.

Male infertility is a common problem in men; which can be caused due to a lot of lifestyles, environmental and medical issues. However, the problem is curable and controllable. A lot of online portals such as Ohman’s online portal are providing effective and proven solutions to these problems. This portal is great as it provides FDA approved solutions, which are highly cost-effective. Moreover, the delivery of the products is done on your doorsteps; in a highly confidential and discrete way.


The medicines to increase sperm count don’t have any side effects and are clinically tested. To provide the users with effective results, get all the effective solutions at an affordable price from Ohman’s online portal. They are evident in helping millions of people to find effective solutions to all their intimate problems. Lastly, to know more about the different problems to which the portal covers and provides solutions, check out their official website which is “” and buy your solution to your problem today.

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