6 Creative Ways To Reinvent Your Mascara Boxes

mascara boxes


Mascara is the most important part of makeup that contains pigments, oil, waxes, preservatives and are used to darken, thicken and lengthen the lashes. It means if you can properly apply one or two coats of good mascara then no need for false lashes. Usually, mascara is of three types:

  1. Cream
  2. Liquid
  3. Powder

But the most liked one is liquid mascara that comes in tube shape bottle with an application brush in it. Various brands are selling mascara some of the famous brands are:

  1. Kiss me heroine waterproof mascara
  2. Maybelline new York
  3. Essence cosmetics
  4. Loreal Paris
  5. Benefit cosmetics
  6. Clinique high
  7. IT cosmetics
  8. Runner-up Revlon
  9. Thrive Cuasemetis
  10. Jones Road Mascara

Brands pack this mascara beautifully in mascara boxes to add value to them. Brands can design and style these boxes in various ways. Let us discuss six creative ways to reinvent your mascara boxes.

The Size Matters of Sturdy Packaging

The first thing that you should consider while making mascara packaging boxes is that go for sturdy packaging. That is either you can choose kraft board material or cardboard material to pack your mascara and transport it safely from one point to another. Plus, these boxes are the best storage containers for the mascara. It means your mascara is safe in these wholesale mascara boxes from moisture, dust, bacteria and heat radiations.

Secondly, brands can cut and mold these boxes in various shapes and sizes. The size can vary according to the size of mascara that has to be packed inside. The best option is slim-fit boxes as they can reduce the additional charges and reduce the movement of mascara in the box. So that there are nearly no chances of damage and loss for the organization.

Top-Quality Printing & Utilize Designs According to the Target Audience

Use the best printing technique on the mascara boxes Australia to print the brand’s logo and product description on them. Both of these details are essential and no company can avoid printing them. Choose sophisticated font size, style and typography so that people can easily read the labelling without seeking the help of others. In addition to this one can use a similar printing technique to print aesthetic designs on the cheap mascara boxes.

But try to choose the designs according to the likes and dislikes of your audience otherwise people won’t show interest in buying goods from your brand. If you get success in winning customers hearts with your designs it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that design. Instead, try to innovate your boxes after every interval of time.

Add Some Exciting but Minimal Fonts

When brands label the boxes with the major product details then they can make this part fun for the customers. You want to know-how. Ok so simply instead of writing complete long sentences. Brands can go with minimal fonts that can give guidance in just 2 to 3 seconds and by a few words. For example:

  1. Fully Voluminous
  2. Say no to False lashes
  3. Lift up your lashes
  4. Can darken and highlight your pretty lases
  5. Others

This is indeed a cool way of conveying your message and telling the characteristic of your mascara through custom printed mascara boxes. It takes less space on the box and the box looks enough wide and attractive because of such kinds of fonts. Plus, more the labelling is less the more the printing expenses will be reduced for the firm and their burden will be lesser than before.

Add Partitions & Pretty Color Combinations

Another fantastic idea to style your mascara boxes is to add partitions to these boxes. By adding partitions one can pack two or three mascara in one box. It looks so tidy and neat and can grab customers attention in just a few seconds. As a result, people will end up buying such packaging and enhancing your selling rate. Not only this you have to choose fascinating colors for the custom mascara boxes. You can choose light colors or dark colors depending on your choice but the best option is to go with dark, hue colors as they look more appealing to human eyes. Like dark blue, grey, dark pink, orange, red etc.

Exclusive Shaped Packing

Choose decent and innovative shapes for the mascara packaging boxes. The shape of the box is the first thing that audience notices. And if they find it interesting then they will grab it and read the further details on it. So always focus on the style of wholesale mascara boxes. Few ideas for the shapes of mascara packaging are;

  1. Square boxes with a die-cut window
  2. Sliding boxes
  3. One end closure box
  4. Folding boxes
  5. Rectangular mascara boxes Australia

All these shapes look elegant and classy on the cheap mascara boxes and make the girls fall in love with your mascara packaging. But also work on the quality of mascara so that when girls use it the first coat of mascara can impress them greatly.

Dark Theme or Add-Ons on Mascara Boxes

Brands can go for a dark theme on the custom printed mascara boxes. As black is one of the favorite colors of many girls these days that is why you can take benefit from this color. One can play with black color on the mascara packaging boxes and use white color to label the box. Trust me or not such packaging has different vibes and can leave a lasting impression on the public. Contrary to this if firms have the excess budget for the wholesale mascara boxes. Then they can add a few additional things to increase the beauty of these boxes. Like ribbons, laminations, stickers, foil embossing, silver or gold stamping on the mascara boxes Australia.


Hence if you want to create or reinvent your custom mascara boxes you can follow these six creative tips and tricks. As a result, your brand can produce pretty packaging for their mascara and grab customers attention towards your firm. Once people love your packaging idea and the quality of mascara they will fall in love with your company. And buy mascara only from your brand whenever they need it.

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