Mangalore- A Place Of Wonder For Hundreds Of Years

Nestled between the mighty Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Mangalore, famously known as the Port City of India, boasts beautiful beaches, swaying coconut palms and magnificent temple architecture. Furthermore, despite its rising commercialization, Mangalore still holds its ancient charm with the right amount of urban touch. 

Famous for its laidback lifestyle, lush green gardens, sun-kissed beaches, age-old temples, and extensive public parks, you can glimpse several scenic attractions in Mangalore by hiring a taxi via a cab booking app

Top scenic attractions to explore in Mangalore

Mangalore, one of the famous port cities in India, is diverse in cultural and traditional temples, warm and sun-kissed beaches, parks with nature’s charm and a lot more. Here are some well-known scenic attractions in Mangalore. 

  • Mangaladevi Temple

Instituted in the 19th century by the rulers of the Ahepa dynasty, the Mangaladevi temple is devoted to Goddess Mangaladevi, an incarnation of goddess Durga, also known as Shakti. The majestic temple is visited by adherents throughout the year and is one of Mangalore’s most famous sightseeing attractions. 

It is considered that the fierce deity fulfills all your desires and helps you overcome obstructions if you pray with a virtuous heart. The spacious temple premise allows adherents to offer prayers or spend some quiet time to feel rejuvenated and at peace. 

  • Panambur Beach

Located at a stretch of 13 kms from Mangalore city to the south of Mangalore port, Panambur Beach is one of India’s cleanest and most well-maintained beaches, given its outstanding supervision. Immensely popular for the captivating sunset panorama, exciting water sports and photography, Panambur beach is one of the best sightseeing destinations in Mangalore. 

You can enjoy beach strolls and sunbathe, while those who are fond of adventure activities can indulge in jet-skiing, water scooter rides, horse and buggy rides, banana boat rides and camel rides. In addition, every year in January, Panambur beach conducts the Global Kite Festival. Along with kite flying rituals, boat races and sand sculpture competitions are also a part of this annual festival. 

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  • Pilikula Nisargadhama

Boasting a scenic hamlet, Pilikula is one of the best sightseer spots in Mangalore, with a well-known Infotainment Park created amidst nature to provide a refreshing experience for wildlife and nature buffs. 

Furthermore, various wildlife species are present in this park, including bears, tigers, leopards, and reptiles. They also feature a botanical park, a golf course, a zoo, a science centre, a water park, and an artisan town within its premises. If you visit this place between October and February, you can also glimpse some migratory birds who visit here from far-away countries.

  • St Aloysius Chapel

Famous for its outstanding interior and architecture, St. Aloysius Chapel was constructed in the 18th century and offered unobstructed panoramas of the Arabian Sea. Located within the famous St Aloysius College in Mangalore, the St Aloysius chapel accommodates numerous exquisite sculptures, paintings and frescoes. 

These paintings were painted in the late 18th century by Antonio Moscheni, an Italian Jesuit, when he toured the city on a mission in 1878. Furthermore, the St Aloysius chapel is unquestionably a visual treat for art buffs, offering a relaxed atmosphere that calms a troubled mind. 

In a nutshell, Mangalore’s perfect combination of modern amenities and ancient charm makes it the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend getaway with your family and friends that you can tour comfortably by availing a rental car in Mangalore service. 

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