Most people globally adopt a hobby to pass the time, which has become more prevalent since the lockdown. Hobbies people choose range from gardening and interior designing to photography and painting. While these hobbies provide relaxation and rejuvenation, people are also making money from them on the side. These startup entrepreneurs continue to make profits from their endeavours because of social media while allowing people better product and brand choices than before. While these hobbies do lead to profit, various others can also increase the individual’s asset worth. Hobbies like collecting rare sneakers or comics and trading cards could eventually lead to wealth gain. 

People may be familiar with the Pokemon cards sale on eBay that became famous. An individual made millions from selling their vintage Pokemon cards collection, worth millions for their rarity and condition. Similarly, several other collection hobbies exist that people can adopt as an investment and make gains in the future.


A profitable collection hobby works on two primary principles – 

  • One, the item has to have appreciating value
  • Two, the item should be in pristine or “mint” condition

Appreciating value refers to the guarantee that the item’s value will increase with time without depreciation. And “mint” condition refers to the packaging the product should be in its original packaging or “fresh off the mint” like crisp currency notes. While maintaining the item in mint condition is relatively simple, finding pieces with appreciating value is difficult. It is hard to predict whether they will increase or decrease in value, but a few guarantee appreciating value, like vintage cars or motorcycles. Here are a few other items people can start collecting to add to their asset value in the future.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records were earlier the only Avenue to listen to music, and they required the use of gramophones to play. Today, vinyl is a classical piece of music history that carries more value than just the tracks on the record. Vinyl records may no longer be in commercial use, but they are in demand for hobby collectors. The artists on the vinyl record also make a difference and can affect the value of the set or single record. Anyone can start collecting vinyl records for profit, as the older they get, the more their value.

Special Comic Editions

Comic books may have gone digital, but the hardcopy with graphics is still a masterpiece. Several comic enthusiasts collect comics globally, from DC and Marvel to Manga and Manhwa. But valuable comics include old editions, origin stories of characters, or issues like crossovers and festival issues. These comics age like wine and are worth billions, depending on their condition and speciality.

The Rare Sneakers Collectibles

Shoe collections are a popular hobby worldwide, but sneaker collections are probably the most profitable of them all. Sneakers or trainers come in various designs, but only some brands or products can classify as rare sneakers. Sneakers like Nike’s Air Yeezy, Air Jordan, Adidas’ Yeezy, and so on are some of the rarest sneakers that people can use to build a valuable trainer collection. Some brands released limited-edition sneakers, which are vintage now, and are worth millions for collectors. Sneaker collecting is reliable and is possibly the most profitable collection hobby.

Wine and Whisky

Alcoholic drinks or beverages also top the list of valuable collectibles for their bottle and taste. While there are various alcoholic drinks, wine and Whisky are the mainstream collectibles. Some people also collect rare liqueurs, brandy, and more, but wine and Whisky classify as collectibles globally. One primary reason to acquire alcoholic beverages is that they age well and will taste better down the years. People can sell them for a better sum than their initial investment, making tremendous profit.

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