Maintenance of the dog and cat: daily gestures


A reminder of the attention to bring regularly to your dog or cat in order to ensure his well-being on a daily basis. Simple gestures which, moreover, allow you to maintain a good relationship with your companion. 

Eyes, teeth, ears: regular checks

The impurities sometimes present around the eyes can be cleaned using a suitable lotion or even physiological saline (and lint-free cotton), like the one used for babies.  In light-haired dogs and cats, the discharge can leave “stubborn” traces (oxidation). It is possible to pass a light coat of Vaseline in order to avoid it.  Any abnormal discharge from the eye, or any redness, should encourage you to consult the veterinarian. The eye is a fragile organ and you should not use eye drops, for example, without the recommendations of the veterinarian. 

Difficulty chewing, and persistent bad breath… can be signs of an oral problem. Here too, it is better to consult. Especially since this can have consequences on organs other than those of the oral sphere. Getting your dog or cat used to brush their teeth (using a suitable brush, a finger cot, and suitable toothpaste) can fight against the formation of tartar. Your veterinarian can also recommend specially formulated products and/or treats. 

During a visit, whether routine (reminder of vaccines, for example) or motivated by a health problem, the veterinarian will check the teeth of your companion. You can consider descaling with him. Note that animal health insurance can cover veterinary costs (therapeutic descaling or once a year after two consecutive years of subscription). The prevention package of certain insurance formulas can also be used to finance veterinary procedures. 

The ears will also be inspected and cleaned if necessary. Again with the help of a suitable product. The veterinarian can show you how to do this, without using a cotton swab. A bad smell emanating from the ear, excessive scratching, an animal that tends to shake or tilt its head can suffer from an infection (ear mites, otitis, etc.). 

Cut claws, check pads

Not all animals wear their claws the same way. Sometimes it is necessary to cut them. Depending on the color of the claw, we do not always see the pulp. So don’t cut too far.  We can take advantage of the cut of the claws to inspect the pads. In certain breeds or types of dogs and cats, the hair growing there can also be cut. 


Good brushing and a bath

The rhythm of brushing will depend on the nature of the hair. It will help remove dead hair and impurities. In the cat, which makes it a point of honor to groom itself, brushing (or combing) prevents it from ingesting hairs by licking itself. These balls can be the cause of digestive problems: constipation, vomiting, and even in some cases occlusion. 

Brushing is also an opportunity to inspect the skin and make sure there are no injuries or parasites.  Dogs and cats can be washed as soon as necessary. The only rule is to use a suitable shampoo because their pH is different from ours.

Although antiparasitics can be water-resistant, it will be necessary to reapply the antiparasitic if there have been many baths (for one reason or another) or if the animal has bathed a lot, for example. 

A reminder for the renewal of treatments

Good protection requires regular treatment against internal and external parasites. Throughout the year. Think about the renewal of the external parasiticide and the dewormer by noting it in your diary, on a calendar, on your laptop, or computer. The fight against external parasites will also go through good environmental hygiene. Thus, baskets, cushions, etc. can be washed.  

As for the remainder of vaccines, your veterinarian usually reminds you of the deadline in a letter.  Be careful, some vaccines, such as the one against rabies, must be done in time to remain valid. 

Always fresh water and clean bowls

The water bowl will be changed regularly and the bowl cleaned. Similarly, the bowls must be washed, even in the case of distribution of dry food (kibbles). 

A litter is always clean

The litter of the Pet Cats and Dogs, placed in a place distant from that where it eats will also have to be changed. Under penalty of the cat becoming unclean. Cleaning the litter box is also a good way to spot a problem (presence of blood in the urine, loose stools, etc.). 

Walks and games

Outings and walks for the dog, even a sporting activity (agility, fly-ball, etc.) and regular games for the cat allow the animal to exert itself, but also to fight against obesity. 

Accessories, care and maintenance products, and animal health insurance Animal health insurance covers

and reimburses veterinary costs in the event of accidents and illness. The formulas including a prevention package allow for their part to finance the purchase of care products (worming, pest control, etc.), maintenance, as well as accessories (brushes, combs, nail clippers, cushions, bowls, tray litter, etc.). Accessories can be purchased anywhere. As for care products, especially external and internal parasiticides, it is strongly advised to refer to the advice and recommendations of your veterinarian.

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