Long residence Top 5 FAQs

  1. What is the suitability requirement for long term residence UK

Needless to say the suitability of your long residence in the UK is the foremost thing the UK Home Office checks in your Long residence application.


An application can be declined on broad grounds in case there is proof that the candidate’s experience, conduct, character, direct or affiliation show that they ought not be allowed to stay in the UK. The premise of the overall grounds of refusal is set out in passages 320 and 322 of the Immigration Rules.


  1. 10 year long residence means

Simply put, the 10 year long residence rule means that the person needs to be lawfully living in the UK for at least 10 years. Additionally, there should not be any reason for your application for ILR to be rejected by the Home Office on the grounds of a behaviour which is conducive to public good, criminal history. Also, you must have met B1 level English proficiency requirements and clear the Life in the UK test.



  1. What do you mean by living in the UK for a 10 years long lawful residence?

The candidate is more likely than not to have been in the UK with existing leave to enter or remain, or have been on movement bail or with brief leave.

This is the first essential requirement for a lawful UK 10 year long residence.


In the event that a candidate made an application within 14 days of their leave lapsing the Secretary of State might choose to ignore a time of over-remaining. In doing as such the Secretary of State can consider:


in case there was a valid justification past the candidate’s control for the time of outstay


on the off chance that the application was made after a refusal of a past application, and inside 14 days of


– the refusal of the past application

– inside 14 days of any regulatory audit or allure being finished up, removed or deserted.


– the expiry of the leave as reached out by paragraph 3(c) of the Immigration Act 1971


– inside the expiry of as far as possible for making an in-time application for authoritative audit

  1. How early can I apply for ILR after a long term residence

The best time you can make the application under the long term rule is 28 days prior to finishing the passing time of 10 years. Kindly note that applications which are gotten over 28 days before the candidate finishes the necessary passing time frame for long home should be rejected. This is on the grounds that the candidate has not finished the necessary time of leave in the UK. The UK Immigration Rules express that candidates who are denied under the Long Residence Rules, due to presenting their application too soon, can reapply whenever they have finished their passing leave or, on the other hand, as long as 28 days before this.



  1. How to make a successful application ?

The success of your application depends upon whether you have met all the requirements or not. Furthermore, you must also consult with an immigration solicitor who can guide you through the application process.


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