Jazz Daily On-Net Voice Call Packages 2021 Updates

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If you are living in Pakistan then you must be using Jazz SIM. Jazz is providing call packages and affordable offers to its customers so that customers can easily call at any Jazz number. Once the package is activated, customers can make free calls to jazz networks all over Pakistan. You can select custom packages for making calls. The network is currently providing more than 50 packages to its customers which you can activate by selecting the package as per your requirement.

This network is widely used in Pakistan and it is mostly due to its large number of users. Because everyone has this network, customers can stay in touch with everyone, whether they are family members or friends, by activating a call package.

Some of Jazz’s packages include free on-net minutes as well as free off-net minutes and SMS. After receiving them, users can make calls to any Jazz number, Zong, and all Pakistani networks. If customers get free SMS, they can send it to any Pakistani network except PTCL and landline.

Here is some On-Net Jazz to Jazz Voice Call packages for prepaid SIM users that they can review and compare to each other and can select the best package according to their needs. We are providing the list of Jazz call packages with price, On-Net minutes, SMS, and Data (If avail) and its subscription codes.

4 Best Mobilink Jazz Daily On-Net Voice Call Packages/Offers 2021 Prepaid

Jazz has all types of call packages for its prepaid and postpaid customers. If they need monthly, daily, and weekly call packs then these are available at the lowest prices. Everyone who has the Jazz SIM can afford and activate these offers. You should know about its subscription codes and prices to us them.

1. Sindh Voice Call Daily Package

Jazz is providing a SINDH call package for residents of residents. Customers can get 200 on-net (jazz to Jazz) minutes to make calls in all Pakistani jazz numbers. This offer is valid only for Sindh, Pakistani residents only. If you move out of this province, your SIM activated package will not work and you will have to apply for another package to make the call.

Package Name Sindh Voice Offer
Price Rs.10 including tax
On-net calls 200 Minutes
Activation code *522#
Package Status Check code *522*2#
Deactivation Code *522*4#
Validity 1 Day

How to activate, Deactivate, and check this package?

Dial *522# to activate this package on your prepaid Jazz SIM. you will need a recharge of Rs.10 rupees after applying the govt tax. to check the remaining minutes on this package dial *522*2#. This offer will be expired on the same night of the offer subscription. Dial *522*4# to deactivate or unsubscribe from this package.

2. Super Daily On-Net Call Package

This package is available at the lowest price of Rs.17 PKR per day. Customers can activate this package on their Jazz SIM in any city in Pakistan. The Super Daily Voice Call Offer provides daily 300 on-net minutes to make calls on Jazz SIMs in all Pakistan. The validity of this package is only 1 day.

Package Name Super Daily On-net
Price Rs.17 including tax
On-net calls 300 Minutes
Activation code *212#
Package Status Check code *212*2#
Deactivation Code *212*4#
Validity 1 Day

There is not any time limit to use this package. Once the offer is activated the all prepaid customers can call on all day till midnight of offer subscription.

How to activate, Deactivate, and check this package?

Dial *212# to subscribe to this package on your prepaid Jazz SIM. To activate this bundle users have to need to recharge a balance of Rs.20 PKR in their SIM. You can check the remaining minutes by dialing its shortcode *212*2#. For the deactivation of this package, you can dial *212*4#.

3. Daily Karachi Offer

Customers who live in Karachi can make absolutely free calls to any Jazz SIM across Pakistan by activating this package. Only people living in Karachi can activate this package and people from other cities cannot activate this offer.

After activating the offer, when you move to another city outside Karachi, the offer stops working. When calling from another city, you will be charged at the actual rate per minute. With this package, customers can get 100,000 On-Net (Jazz to Jazz & Warid), 1500 text messages, and 100 MB mobile internet. The price of this package is Rs.12 rupees that are the very lowest cost. Anyone can activate this package on their prepaid Jazz SIM. After subscribing to this package you can also use Jazz internet packages

Package Name Daily Karachi Offer
Price Rs.12 including tax
On-net calls 10,000 Minutes
Activation code *400#
Package Status Check code *400*2#
Deactivation Code *400*4#
Validity 1 Day

Activation, Deactivation, and Details

To activate the Karachi daily call package dial *400#. Customers can check remaining minutes, SMS, and internet by dialing *400*2#. After activation of this package if customers want to unsubscribe from this offer and want to stop offer renewal then they can dial *400*4#. The remaining minutes, SMS, and internet also can be checked on the JazzWorld app.

4. Punjab Daily Call Offer

Jazz offers customers specific packages for each region at affordable rates so that everyone can activate the packages and make cheap calls and stay in touch with their loved ones.

Jazz launched this offer for Punjab residents in 2013, after activating which users can easily make any Jazz number calls. Activating this offer gives customers unlimited on-net calls, 1000 SMS, and 250 MB internet. The price of this package is Rs. 12 per day.

Package Name Punjab Daily Voice Call
Price Rs.12 including tax
On-net calls Unlimited Minutes
Text Messages 1000 SMS
Internet 250MB
Activation code *6000#
Package Status Check code *6000*2#
Deactivation Code *6000*4#
Validity 1 Day

Offer Subscription, Deactivation, and Details

If you want to activate this package then you can simply dial its subscription code *6000#. To check the remaining minutes, SMS and internet you can dial *6000*2# and also can use the jazz world app. For unsubscription of this package, you can simply dial *6000*4#. After deactivating this package, customers will not be able to make calls, send SMS and use the internet for free.

Finally About Jazz:

I think a list of one-day jazz call packages will help you a lot. From these five packages, you can choose the best one for you. Free minutes, SMS, and Internet MB in the package are offered based on the current time. Jazz Company has full authority to change the price of the package and anything in it. For more information, customers can call their helpline number 111 or also can use the JazzWorld app for online complaints and get the information.


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