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Phones have become an indispensable component of our daily life. These little yet feature-rich devices have evolved into more than simply accessories, but rather extensions of people’s lives. Cell phones have become a necessity for most individuals, regardless of their vocation. 

Some users even undertake secret and critical activities on their phones, such as internet shopping, school projects, and commercial transactions. With all of the vital functions, cellphones play nowadays, losing your mobile device is more than just a waste of money. The data, files, and accounts lost with the device are worth more than the device itself.

This is one of the primary motivations for the development of IMEI numbers and serial codes. With the use of an IMEI tracker app, phone owners may quickly discover a phone by IMEI number thanks to these technologies. In this article, we will tell you about the IMEI tracker. But before that, let us see what the IMEI number is.

What Is IMEI Number?

imei tracker
What Is IMEI Number?

The International Mobile Equipment Number identity, or IMEI, is a mobile phone device’s identifying number. This is distinct from any other gadget. This number is assigned to GSM, CDMA, IDEN, and certain satellite phones. These IMEI numbers are 15 digits long, occasionally 16 or 17 digits long, and include the model of the mobile phone device, its place of production, and the serial number of the mobile device.

According to data, around 25 million mobile phones in India do not have an IMEI number. From the night of November 30, 2009, mobile phone numbers without or with a bogus IMEI were discontinued. Verify the box of your mobile phone to find out the IMEI number, or if the IMEI number of your mobile phone is written on the purchase invoice of your mobile phone, you may check the IMEI number from that.

There is another method for determining your mobile phone’s IMEI number. To do this, open your mobile phone dialer, then dial *#06# from your phone, and the IMEI number will appear on your screen.

How To Find IMEI Number?

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How To Find IMEI Number?

There are a variety of IMEI trackers on the market nowadays. You can simply monitor a phone using IMEI online with an IMEI tracker like Highster Mobile. As a result, tracing an iPhone with IMEI or any Android smartphone is simpler than you may expect. The crucial thing to remember is that you must first obtain the IMEI number for your device.

1. Find IMEI Number On iPhone

You may trace an iPhone using one of the several iPhone IMEI trackers that are available. The IMEI number of an iPhone may be obtained on the Settings page.

  • By tapping on the Gear Icon, you can access the Settings Page.
  • Select the About option from the General menu.
  • Scroll down the page to get the IMEI/MEID and ICCID.
  • To copy the number, tap and hold it.
Find IMEI Number On iPhone
Find IMEI Number On iPhone

Aside from the Settings Page, you may obtain your iPhone’s IMEI and begin tracking your phone using IMEI GPS coordinates in a variety of different methods.

  • The SIM tray has this printed on it.
  • Printed on the device’s back.
  • In its original packing.
  • Shown in the Finder or iTunes.
  • When you log in to appleid.apple.com with the Apple ID associated with the device.
  • Please contact Apple Support.

2. Find IMEI On Android (Phone Setting Page)

There is an Android-specific approach to trace a phone by IMEI number, similar to the iPhone. Similarly, before you can trace a phone using IMEI on Android, you must first obtain your Android phone’s IMEI number. Or if you want to use an IMEI tracker online to locate a lost, stolen, or hacked phone.

Find IMEI On Android (Phone Setting Page)

Please keep in mind that the processes for obtaining the code may differ based on the manufacturer or version of your Android phone.

  • Go to the Settings Page by pressing the Gear Icon.
  • Select About Phone from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down the page to get the IMEI number.

3. Find IMEI On Android (Phone Hardware)

  • Locate the IMEI tracking number on the back of your cell phone.
  • If you don’t see it, switch off your phone.
  • Remove the back cover of the phone and extract the battery.
  • Look for the sticker with the IMEI number printed on it.
Find IMEI On Android (Phone Hardware)
Find IMEI On Android (Phone Hardware)

How To Locate Your Cell Phone Using IMEI Number?

Now that you understand how to obtain IMEI numbers, you can learn how to utilise the information to search or locate your phone. People who are prone to losing or misplacing their phones might benefit from the IMEI. Or in the unlikely but still conceivable event that one’s phone is stolen. 

Here are some practical methods for searching for a mobile phone by IMEI number:

1. File A Polic Complaint

File an official report/complaint with the police if your cell phone has been stolen, misplaced, or maliciously hacked. After all, you’ve lost valuable goods as well as potentially sensitive or secret data or files. IMEI numbers may be tracked by your local police or any other law enforcement organisation. 

File A Polic Complaint
File A Polic Complaint

Aside from returning your gadget, they may also sanction the individual who stole or compromised it, thereby killing two birds with one stone. If legal consequences are correctly implemented, you may also be able to aid other individuals by stopping these criminal actors from targeting more victims.

It should be noted, however, that tracing phones with the assistance of authorities might be time-consuming. Even though it is free, you may wind up putting in a lot of time and work.

2. Contact Your Cell Phone Provider

One of the most reliable ways to “Find My Device” using IMEI is to contact your cell phone provider/manufacturer. They keep safe and secure databases in which they save crucial data about the equipment they make. Simply enter your IMEI number and they will begin a search for your cell phone.

Contact Your Cell Phone Provider
Contact Your Cell Phone Provider

Cell phone providers are usually reachable by phone, chat messaging, or email. This is also a good option to monitor your device because it is free, but you may have to wait a while. It all relies on the size of their present wait or the availability of live professionals.

3. Use an IMEI Tracker App

If you want a hassle-free solution, an IMEI number tracker that you can trust is your best bet. Third-party IMEI number tracker apps provide remote access to the target device, gathering prior and current location data. This software may also be installed without requiring physical access to the phone being tracked or monitored, saving you time and effort. 

Use an IMEI Tracker App
Use an IMEI Tracker App

Though most of the IMEI number tracker apps aren’t free, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with all of their premium features. The ease of use provided will undoubtedly be worth every cent invested. But what are the best IMEI tracker online free? In the next section, we will see the top 5 names in the IMEI tracker online free.

Best IMEI Tracker Online Free In 2021

There are many IMEI tracker free but every single IMEI tracker isn’t reliable enough to give access. So what are the best IMEI tracker applications? We have compiled a list for you:

1. Prey Anti-Theft: Overall The Best Google IMEI Tracker

Prey is a strong anti-theft tool that works on a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Windows, Android, and others. The basic edition is more than adequate for regular people like us. To locate your stolen gadget, SMS the message “GO PREY” or log into the control panel and designate it as missing. 

After that, you’ll be offered several options, including lockdown, snap photo, GPS position, and more. The Pro version is geared primarily toward businesses, as it does not have the three maximum device constraints. The Pro version can track up to 500 devices and has quicker intervals, push automatic updates, and other features. 

Prey Anti-Theft: Overall The Best Google IMEI Tracker
The Best Google IMEI Tracker

You may accomplish the following after logging into Prey the best Google IMEI tracker:

  • Find your phone on a map by geolocating it using GPS and WiFi triangulation.
  • Use the built-in front and rear cameras to take images.
  • Protect your device against unauthorised access.
  • Even if your phone is set to mute, you may remotely activate a loud alert.
  • Show a customised alert message on the screen.
  • Gather information about the network to which your device is connected (for accurate pinpointing).

2. Where’s My Droid: Durable Like A Police IMEI Tracker

Where’s My Droid is one of the greatest Android applications since it has more capabilities and makes it easier than ever to hunt down your lost phone or gadget using GPS. The fundamental functions are free; however, to access further features, you must upgrade to the pro version. The pro version can take a shot with the device’s camera and email it to you. 

Where’s My Droid: Durable Like A Police IMEI Tracker
Durable Like A Police IMEI Tracker

Application Specifications of this phone tracker by IMEI number:

  • Make your phone ring/vibrate to help you find it.
  • Locate your phone using GPS.
  • Text the word “attention”.
  • To prevent unauthorised app updates, a passcode is required.
  • Notification of a SIM card or phone number change.

Pro of this Samsung IMEI tracker has the following extra features:

  • Use the device’s camera to take photographs.
  • The device may be locked remotely.
  • Wipe SD card and phone data remotely.
  • To activate the app, dial a landline number.

3. Android Lost Free: IMEI Phone Tracker With Great Features

Apart from the standard GPS tracking function, Android Lost Free includes several fundamental capabilities available in other premium applications, such as remote wiping the SD card, retrieving the thief’s call list, taking images with the front and rear cameras, and more. Features of this legit IMEI tracker:

  • Read SMS messages that have been sent and received
  • The phone should be wiped/locked
  • Locate using GPS or a network.
  • Begin the alarm with a flashing screen.
  • From a web page, send SMS or popup messages.
  • Calls forwarded
  • SMS control from a distance
  • Obtain a call list
  • Take pictures with both the front and rear cameras.
  • AVG Antivirus: iPhone IMEI Tracker For Easy Tracking

imei tracker
AVG Antivirus

We don’t see the value in installing AVG Antivirus with a tracking device until you jailbreak your device. It will deplete the battery for no apparent reason. In any case, AVG Antivirus includes features such as the ability to trace your stolen smartphone using Google Maps, lock the smartphone, and more. 

Use AVG’s online IMEI tracker to do the following:

  • Using Google MapsTM, you may discover your lost or stolen phone and receive assistance in finding it.
  • Lock your phone and programme a lock screen message to assist the finder in finding you.
  • Even if your phone is on quiet mode, make it ring.
  • Wipe the contents of your phone and SD card.
  • Camera Trap [14-day trial]: sends you a snapshot of anyone who types three incorrect passwords when attempting to unlock your phone.
  • SIM-Lock [14-day trial]: automatically locks your phone every time your SIM card is replaced.
  • Avast! Mobile Security: Most Effective IMEI Tracker Online 

imei tracker
Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! is another fantastic antivirus software firm that creates fantastic applications. The anti-theft function of Mobile Security is included in the mobile security package. It can only be operated remotely via SMS or the web. The most effective free mobile phone tracker on the market. 

If you’re wondering, “How can I find my Android?” you may utilise its mobile phone locator tools to discover it, operate it remotely, and do a variety of other things. Features of this IMEI tracker online are given below:

  • Control your Android remotely via a web-based interface or SMS (for subsequent remote control, go to: http://my.avast.com).
  • Find your phone on a map.
  • To keep your confidential data secure, lock the device, trigger the siren, or wipe the memory.
  • Receive alerts when your SIM card changes.

Find Your Device With The Best IMEI Tracker Apps

imei tracker
Best IMEI Tracker Apps

If you’ve ever misplaced your mobile device, you know how terrible it is to have no idea where your phone is. Mobile phones have become an indispensable component of our daily life. 

Cell phones contain our most personal information, from images to contacts. To put it another way, we can’t survive without mobile devices. So, you need to find your lost device using the best IMEI tracker app. We hope that this article was valuable for you.

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