Huawei Mate Book D 14 An Appealing PC complete Audit


Huawei gives Cell phones and is renowned to them. Be that as it may, presently they likewise extended their items. They made various items like workstations. Which are great and sensible costs.

Huwai by and by presented a Huawei mat eBook d14 which is huge. This accompanies various elements and a pleasant showcase. You can track down appealing highlights in this PC. The Showcase of this PC is likewise extremely alluring.

Detail Of The Huawei Matebook 14


Weight: 1.38kg

Level: 15.99mm

Width: 322.5 mm

Profundity: 214.8mm


Size: 14 inch

Variety: Space Dim, Spiritualist Silver

Goal: 1920 1080 pixel

Type: IPS


tenth era




Recessed camera 1MP


512 GB


56 WH


AED 2799.00

Fabricate and Plan

It is an appealing result of Huawei. It has an interesting plan. It looks smooth in plan. It seems to be a MacBook. You will get the prettiest machine in 14 crawls of the Huawei. It is less expensive.

The body of the PC is made of aluminum. The Matebook D 14 is accessible in 2 alluring tones. Generally speaking the PC looks pleasant.


The 14-inch show is sufficient at this cost. It has the taller and the fighter show which looks odd. The showcase is splendid and the variety is great. You can undoubtedly involve it for your specialized work and for browsing email and so on.

Trackpacked and the Console

Its console is likewise great and simple to press. The distance between the keys isn’t all that long. You can without much of a stretch arrive at one key to another key. You feel good when you press the keys. Huawei introduced the webcam in a capability key when you press the key it springs up. The Trackpack of this PC is likewise great.


The exhibition of this PC is likewise generally excellent. You won’t stress over it. The blend of the RYZEN 3500 and the 8 GB Slam and the 512 GB stockpiling gives you a decent presentation.

In the event that you ate an understudy, you will be on various tabs for something like 10. you can go effectively starting with one then onto the next tab. There is an absence of illustrations cards on this PC. The SSD result was generally excellent, by and large the PC ran and functions admirably.

Battery Duration

The battery managing is great. It goes on for the entire day. You can undoubtedly do all your office work. Certain individuals say that the battery duration is short. What are Oacian? Types, Characteristics and Qualities

Great in PC D 14

The presentation Proportion is 3:2

The plan is appealing

Computer chip execution is superb

Terrible in PC

It has no discrete GPU

The webcam isn’t great

It is weighty

Last phrasing

Huawei generally remembers the cost of the items. They give a mid-range cost, so the understudies can likewise purchase this PC. It seems to be a top notch PC. You can get it, it is truly really great for the understudies.

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