How You Can Be Part of Women Empowerment

How You Can Be Part of Women Empowerment

If you have heard about today’s fight for women empowerment, and you have girls and women in your life that you cherish, here are the things you can do as a man to be part of the fight.

Contrary to the popular belief, the fight for women’s empowerment does not necessarily mean jabbing at men. It is not about pitting men against women because of the sensitive subject concerning unhealthy patriarchy, but it is about equality and respect, and ultimately empowering every woman in the world. The society has not exactly been kind to women, and it is no secret that history did not favor women the way it did men. That is why the fight for equality and women empowerment is just as important as the day suffrage for women has been passed and approved. It is a continuous effort until there is a substantial change and a place where it is safe for all young girls in the future.

Respect Their Personal Choices in Life

You may have a sister or even a friend who has been bold and brave in making life decisions lately, decisions that are usually frowned upon by the society. They may have been straightforward in expressing their opinion about not wanting to have kids or even taking proactive measures to improve their physical appearance, and you need to be nothing but respectful and supportive. Remember, these views and decisions regarding not having a kid or choosing to get lip injections might not align with societal expectations, but as the guy in their lives, you ought to take their side and be there for them. Do not be that guy who would talk about them behind their backs during family gatherings or even when you hang out with your friends. Empower them rather than question their personal choices in life, as long as these choices bring joy and opportunities.

Do Not Just Tolerate, Rather Accept

There is a huge difference between tolerating something and truly accepting it for what it is, or in this case, how the women in your life are. If you have a somewhat strong-headed girl in your life, it is quite challenging to be part of her life as well, especially when you are looking out for her. Say, it is your sister, and she is out and about collecting tattoo arts on her skin, and you grew up in a conservative family. How do you strike the perfect balance of being a responsible guardian and, at the same time, a supportive brother? First, you should not be passive-aggressive about it, especially when you are still both in your parent’s house. Try to understand what drove your sister to get inked, and what it means for her. After you do this, you might get a better idea of what was going through her head during this rather questionable decision for your family. Sure, you might not truly get it, but you are not simply tolerating your sister, but you have accepted that you have a strong-willed girl in the family.

Let Them Do Their Own Thing

Nowadays, there are still times when women are given the look whenever they are doing something. This could be at any public place such as the gym. Let us take workout routines as examples, as fitness gyms are usually dominated by testosterone. That is why when there are female gym-goers, they are usually subjects of stares and mansplaining. If you have important women in your life, you must let them do their own thing, and we are not just talking about the gym. Should there ever be instances when they show exceptional interest and passion towards something, you should not be that person who scoffs at them. Instead, be the person who will inspire them to overcome societal and gender boundaries and achieve the things they want to do in life. Women do not have to be forced to settle with a regular stay-at-home life these days but keep in mind that you should also support their decision to remain consistent with traditions. There is nothing wrong with being career-driven and starting a family during their twenties; both are valid choices and are empowering women in their ways.

When the women in your life often speak about women empowerment, it does not mean they are lashing out to all the men in the world. It is not as shallow as that, and being one in their life means you are also responsible for helping them achieve the change they want to see in the world.

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