How To See Deleted Tweets Without Hijacking Your Privacy?

how to see deleted tweets,

There are only two powerhouses or so-called prominent platforms for individuals in today’s world of social media and everything, and they are Facebook and Twitter. And those of you who have Twitter accounts understand the power of a Tweet, what it can accomplish or cause in the world if utilised correctly. 

But the point is, you want to see people’s deleted tweets on Twitter. Many people delete their tweets on purpose or by accident and don’t know how to restore them, so they either leave it or start a new one. In addition, many users desire to know how to see deleted tweets.

And we’re here to teach you how to find deleted tweets by going over Twitter’s features, how it works, and how to search for deleted tweets. Twitter has made things difficult, but don’t fret since we have tools and strategies to clear the path and make it simple for you. 

So, just follow us and discover more inventive techniques to know how to find deleted tweets.

Reasons For Knowing How To See Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets
Reasons For Knowing How To See Deleted Tweets

Old tweets may contain valuable information that someone lost just because they wanted to lower their tweet counter, for example.  Sometimes, having multiple tweets in a particular account can be counterproductive.

There may be similar tweets repeated a thousand times, and there are other similar tweets and posts, in fact deleting your old tweets is a very normal thing that can happen to anyone. So these can be the reasons for knowing how to view deleted tweets:

  • For Retrieving Important Information

how to see deleted tweets
Retrieving Important Information

You may have posted relevant information in a previous tweet, but then decided to delete it. Sometimes we delete all tweets, so that’s normal. This happens to many Twitter accounts, so don’t worry, you can still search for deleted tweets with the alternatives we’ll show you. 

  • For Proving Points

how to see deleted tweets
For Proving Points

If you need a user deleted tweet to show points, then you deserve to find it. It’s not easy to view deleted tweets on Twitter, but there are still ways to prove you’re right, even if you haven’t saved the tweet as an archive file.

  • For Personal Reasons

how to see deleted tweets
For Personal Reasons

Twitter has no limits. It’s okay if you want to find a deleted tweet only to find it if you are determined to do so then do it once and for all.

Best Methods Of How To See Deleted Tweets

These are by far the best tricks for how to view deleted tweets. You can use one or more methods for knowing how to recover deleted tweets:

  • By Googling: Easiest Way For How To Look At Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets
By Googling

Nine out of ten, when someone tries to find a deleted tweet, someone is a prominent celebrity. Why not? We all love to see these larger-than-life figures slip and make mistakes. 

The good thing about chasing deleted celebrity tweets is that you may not be the first. From loyal fans to the media, there has been a lot of attention on this personality. 

Chances are their tweet has been copied and screenshotted by someone out there. The best source of these saved tweets is Twitter itself. Many advanced users take screenshots of celebrity tweets and share them when they are deleted. It has caught many famous people with their feet in their mouths.

  • Google Cache: Perfect Place For How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets
Google Cache

Everyone knows that your browser saves web pages to help them load faster. But did you know that Google itself does something similar? While scrolling through Google results, you may have seen small arrows next to some entries. By clicking on this arrow, you can see the cached version of the site. 

This can help you view deleted tweets from important Twitter accounts. If the tweet was recently deleted, it may still be in the cache. The only problem is that the account has to be famous enough for Google to cache it. Follow these steps to use Google cache for knowing how to find deleted tweets from someone:

  • To see a cached version of someone’s tweet, Google their Twitter account first.
  • Their most recent tweet will appear in search results. Click the small down arrow next to an entry and select Cache.
  • The cached version of the Google tweet will open. The cache date and time will be displayed at the top. Since the new cache may overwrite this data, it is recommended that you take a screenshot yourself.
  • Wayback Machine: Dedicated Website For Knowing How To See Someone Else’s Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets

If the deleted tweet you’re looking for is taking too long to view in Google’s cache and too unknown for anyone to keep, your best bet is to use the Wayback Engine. Also called  Internet Time Machine, it is a website that stores public pages on the Internet for posterity. 

While other services can do the same thing, Wayback Machine is by far the most popular and most reliable option. 

The Internet Archive keeps a backup of all retrieved public web pages at regular time intervals. You can go back in time and view websites like never before. This includes the Twitter pages of many prominent figures.

  • To search the archive for deleted tweets, go to the Wayback Machine website.
  • Enter the profile link of the Twitter account whose history you want to view and click EXPLAIN HISTORY.
  • A calendar will open with all the Twitter account dates archived.
  • Hover over the date to see all available photos for that day and when they were taken. 
  • Click the snapshot to open it. This is not just a screenshot; the entire web page will load in its previous state. You can interact with the page normally and take screenshots of as many tweets as you want.
  • Twitter Archive: Request For Knowing How To See Your Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets
Twitter Archive

So far we’ve explored methods for finding tweets that other people have deleted. But what if you’re looking for a way to view your deleted tweets? For once, you don’t have to search too much. Twitter itself maintains an archive of all tweets posted, even deleted ones. Normally, it doesn’t allow anyone to access this data, but any user can search their Twitter history. To know how to see deleted tweets, use the following steps:

  • To download your Twitter archive, go to the Twitter home page and click  More.
  • Select Settings and Privacy from the menu that appears.
  • This opens the account settings. Click the Download your data archive option from the right pane.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity with a code sent to your email ID. When you’re done, you’ll see a Request Archive button.
  • At the point when your perceptible file is prepared, you will be sent a pop-up message that will return you to your Twitter account page. 
  • From here, click the “Download file” button. 
  • Simply an update before doing this to ensure that the email connected to your Twitter account is confirmed and refreshed. Twitter typically sends a downloadable document to your email address as a reinforcement. 
  • At the point when you demand a duplicate of your Twitter file, you’ll be sent a .compress document that contains an index.html record that permits you to peruse your chronicle from your internet browser, and a .csv document that can be opened utilizing your beloved accounting page program. 
  • By Using Third-Party Apps: Answering ‘How To See My Deleted Tweets’ Perfectly

how to see deleted tweets
By Using Third-Party Apps

Your best chance of viewing deleted tweets is through a retrieval program that stores previous Twitter snapshots. One way of survey and to find deleted tweets is to look for them on sites that are as of now swarmed and have chronicled a large number of tweets like And you can go to this type of site and type the text of the deleted tweet in the search bar. 

This way, you know how to see deleted tweets on Twitter. And you can also find all the text saved by a specific account by entering the username right after the website name with a slash, for example, So, in this way, you can only see the tweets of the person and it will help you to narrow down your search. 

Then there’s an app called Snap Bird that many other websites and forum users recommend, to view deleted Twitter posts and retweets. With the help of third-party tools, you can view deleted tweets. But the site does not include the deleted tweet. And upload your Twitter profile to allow you to search and view old tweets, retweets, replies, and messages.

Final Words On How To See Deleted Tweets

how to see deleted tweets
How To See Deleted Tweets

Moreover, at times you can likewise discover erased tweets as screen captures on Twitter and different stages. Now and again a viral tweet can remain dynamic even after the source client has erased it. This happens when a tweet has been retweeted on numerous occasions and a few clients take a screen capture or reorder it into their page as opposed to retweeting it.

In such cases, even if the tweet is deleted from the source, even if all retweets are deleted automatically, the screenshots and copied tweets remain and can be easily viewed by other users. This may, however, constitute a violation of the privacy of the original user and users may request that all these tweets be deleted if they are potentially defamatory or harmful to them. 

But as the saying goes, everything posted on the internet is never actually lost, and there is always one way or another to access the data, even if it appears to have been deleted. So, we hope this article on how to see deleted tweets helped you somehow!

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