How to Reduce Dust Inside the House: 6 Easy Tips!

How to Reduce Dust Inside the House: 6 Easy Tips!

Dust is a common problem in many homes, and it can cause a number of health problems. Those who have allergies may experience additional symptoms when exposed to dust, and babies, young children, and seniors can be impacted by asthma triggered by dust.

Here are 6 easy tips to help you reduce dust in your living space.

Use Appliances That Doesn’t Produce Dust

During winter, in particular, there are many appliances that produce small particles that can be inhaled and cause adverse respiratory symptoms. These include clothes dryers, furnaces and fireplaces, unvented gas stoves, wood stoves, central heating systems, and others.

So, instead of warming up with a fireplace, use a heating device that won’t produce smoke that can exacerbate respiratory illnesses and won’t cause layers of dust that will be hard to clean. An electric fireplace with inserts looks real, but won’t add more dirt to your house.

Filter the Air

Use air filters or vents that close automatically. If the vents do not shut off by themselves, turn them off when they’re not needed anymore (such as at night during sleep) and clean them periodically to maximize their efficiency.

The cooling and heating unit in your living space produces dust that can be inhaled when you are in the room. Covering the filter will help reduce the amount of dust released into the air. Some filters, for example, are designed to be covered with a custom-fitted plastic bag or box until it is time to change them.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Dust accumulates and settles on surfaces and floors. Dust the surfaces of your home regularly to reduce dust buildup. Wiping them down will not just clean those spaces but also help you eliminate the cause of the buildup.

You may use damp rags or special dusting clothes instead of dry ones that will leave behind small particles. Always keep in mind that dust consists of many materials, such as pollens, grasses, hair, dander from animals/pets, textiles fibers, and others. Therefore, you should choose cleaning products wisely.

You can use a vacuum cleaner, but it has to be high-powered. It means that it has to effectively suck the dust. If not, unfortunately, this will only kick up more dust. Moreover, look for a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for allergy sufferers to reduce the allergens even further.

Cover Your Furniture

You can also cover your furniture with plastic or other types of covers that will help keep dust off the upholstery. Your sofa, mattresses, carpets, rugs, and other home decor and appliances tend to collect dust. By covering them, you’ll reduce the need to clean them as often.

Make sure that you thoroughly clean and dry plastic or vinyl furniture covers once a month. These tend to attract more dust than other types of covers so it is important to ensure they are always in good shape.

You should also wash any fabric that you can wash such as bed sheets and pillow sheets and curtains. This will ensure that you can get rid of 90% of dust and also other allergens.

Store What You Don’t Need Away

If possible, avoid keeping appliances and other items in your living spaces after you no longer need them. This means that you should not keep winter clothes and blankets once winter is over, and so on. Store them in the garage, the attic, the basement, or a cabinet – anywhere away from where people typically spend time. Keeping them there will also help you avoid dust accumulation in the first place.

If for some reason this is impossible because you can’t part with something despite it producing particles, make sure to clean it regularly.

Remove Your Shoes Indoors

Always take off your shoes when coming indoors. This will help you avoid bringing the dirt and dust from outside. Keep a plastic bin where everyone can leave their shoes before going inside, this way you will keep the house clean and tidy with no unnecessary accumulation of filth.

Much of the dust particles are made by the shoes on the ground, so it’s important to consider this option. You can buy a special storage bench for your entrance where everyone should leave their footwear.


The accumulated dirt, dust, and allergens in your home can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. Following them might not get rid of dust completely, but it will certainly help. By following these six easy tips, you can reduce the amount of dust inside your house to help keep it clean for everyone who lives there.

Following them might not get rid of dust completely, but it will certainly help.


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